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Baltimore City

Tao Ho is a photographer and musician original from Guangzhou, China. He received his MFA degree of Photographic and Electronic Media from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013. He currently live and work in Baltimore, Maryland. 2010 BA Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts 2014-now MFA Maryland Institute College of Art

Hidden Scenes

I used to keep my head down while I am walking, and staring at the ground, sometimes attracted by something subtle and instant.

I have a bad memory, I don't usually remember things so clear. But sometimes, a scenery, an object, even an odor, will recalls fragments in my memory, when I was here or there, or when I still a kid. Sometimes it is not important to recalls a very specific incident, but what related, a chain of events, will always made me into a deep insomnia.

This project was started from print test stripes I collected for couple years. The original intention to collect all these test stripes as a record and reference became something other, something I started to pay attention when these fragment grown larger, became the puzzle and the trajectory of my memory.


This series is call [Abyss], it is inspired by one of the quotation in Nietzsche’s book [Beyond good and Evil], he wrote ‘…And what you gaze into a abyss, the abyss also gaze into you.’
Blaise Pascal once wrote about the fear of the abyss, ‘the eternal silence of the infinities void terrifies me.’ Abyss, always associates and metaphors with nihility, chaos (Religion?before Genesis), endless silence, plight, pain, darkness and sin. In addition, in Nietzsche’s quotation, the Abyss also has such meaning of reflection, like a mirror of ourselves. When you are in intense hatred, disdain vulgar and ugly, meanwhile, these things will occupy your mind then make you the same. Also, when you are fighting with some kind of pain, it means you coexist with the pain. Therefore, pain gaze into you like the abyss, affect on you, and let you unable to escape. Like what Nietzsche mention, ‘Whoever fights with monsters should see too it that he dose not become a monster in the process.”


There is a space only for myself in the deepest part of my mind where my hidden memories and sensitive emotions are located. It is a secret place that will not be open to everyone. In this series, I applied different symbolic imageries in the creation to express what is substantial in my unconscious mind.


The boundary between reality and illusion is blur, meanwhile, isolated and alienated. Connecting illusions and reality via camera mimics the experiences of looking myself in the mirror. I can see my reflection which seems real, but actually illusory. This ambiguous and unreal relation attracted me through the other world in the mirror, a world of unknown.

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