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Steven Hoffman Shapiro's career as an artist, architect, illustrator, and educator has spanned thirty-two years since his graduation in 1981 from Yale University's School of Architecture. His art and architectural works have been exhibited widely in the U.S. and in Venice, Italy. In addition to his architectural education he has earned an M.F.A. in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art, where he studied with Grace Hartigan and Raoul Middleman in the Hoffberger School of Painting. He... more

Continuous Line

An exploration of a personal alphabet meant to inspire communication with the spiritual.

Sketchbook Journal

For the past eighteen years my journal/sketchbooks have played an essential role in my work. they have been an incubator and laboratory for nearly all of my projects paintings, and constructions as well as a chronicle of my thoughts and ideas about the two and three-dimensional arts and their interrelationship. Here is a selection of images many of which live only in the journals at this time.

The Figure

A collection of images exploring the figure from observation and in a mythical and spiritual context.

Thinking Three-dimensionally

Informed largely from my work as an architect, a series of small scale construction exploring a variety of architectural, spatial and volumetric themes. These works are executed in mixed media with an emphasis on wood, paper, plaster and also as ceramic works using low fired clay methods. A few have been translated into bronze.

  • Cluck

    Craig Flinner Gallery
  • Adam and Eve

    Low fired clay and acrylic
  • Cathedral

    Mixed media: plaster, wood , cardboard, paper and acrylic paint on a cigar box.
  • Snapshots

    Color and Black and White prints of digital photographs captured of the subjects. These were images that i didn't choose to make into large scale drawings.
  • Lost City

    Wood, paper and acrylic paint in a foot-locker.
  • Jerusalem House

    Mixed media construction: cardboard, wood, founds objects and acrylic paint. For Center Stage Theater, Baltimore, Maryland
  • The Tempest

    Mixed media: plaster, wood , cardboard, paper and acrylic paint on a cigar box.
  • Theater of Wind

    Bronze construction from wood and wax Marquette, for the George street playhouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Theater of Time

    Bronze from wood and wax Marquette, for George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey

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