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Light and Time
Two dancers floating across stage.

Ming Ya Zhai.jpg

Light and Color
Street scene in Guangzhou, China.

A Girl Dressed in White.jpg

Beautiful overlap the beauties of nature.


Hitting the curve on lane 4 on a wet morning.


About Stephen

Baltimore County

  Stephen Spartana received a BFA in Photography from MICA after 11 years, in and out of undergrad programs, a baseball scholarship, and 3 years working in a steel mill to raise the tuition for art school, graduating in 1983. After graduation, realizing its more rewarding to get paid for what you love than not get paid, he pursued a commercial photography career, spending 2 years as a photographer’s assistant before going out on my own. All the while, creating images for personal satisfaction... more

Human Nature

A body of work marrying images of human figures and flowers concentrating on strong colors and composition.

  • Alive.jpg

    Multi-layered image that combines the human form with a close up of a lily.
  • At Your Feet.jpg

    Multi-layered image that combines the human form with a close up of a flower.
  • Iris.jpg

    Marry a photo of an Iris with a human torso done with B&W film and polaroid color film.
  • Hug1.jpg

    C flower petal close-up forms the backdrop to a woman in a man's embrace.
  • Pirouette.jpg

    Play of shapes and textures caused by using color polaroid film and infra-red B&W film.
  • Tangled.jpg

    Cool blue tones of an orchid and a backdrop of a twisted figure giving a strong directional pull from earth.
  • Stillness.jpg

    Body floating as if in deep dream floating through space and time.
  • Surrounded.jpg

    Soft blend of an form , hands sweeping the body encased in the flow of a petal.
  • Flight.jpg

    Another in a series of human figures blending with tight flower photographs.


A collection of photographs shot on my LG4 varied in nature, but composed and shot in a way that is meant to have a more painterly look. Instead of the painters tools, there digital adjustment are done to enhance the viewer experience.

Spart's Garden

Collection of flowers shot tightly that accentuates the gentle curve and texture that are inherent in Flower petals.

  • Aqua Lily.jpg

    Close up shot of a lily accentuating the curves and texture of the flower.
  • Flower Shell.jpg

    Light dancing on the edge of flower petal, appearing in ways like a sea shell.
  • Soft Blue.jpg

    A micro shot of a blue flower with a very shallow focus.
  • Soft Spiral.jpg

    A Calla lily abstract that focus on the smooth upward spiral.
  • On a Wave.jpg

    A close-up photo of a flower that reminds me of the ocean and it's waves.
  • Sleep.jpg

    Spart's Garden
    Close-up that makes me think of a pod to curl up in.
  • Reach Out.jpg

    Spart's Garden
    The inner workings of a flower reminds me of our inner selfs.
  • Dancer.jpg

    Light and Form
    This view makes me think of a dancer and the twirl of the skirt being so graceful.

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