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About Stephanie

Stephanie Schafer is a mixed-media visual artist and  fine art photographer living in Baltimore, Maryland. She received her B.F.A. with an emphasis in photography from the University of Maryland in 2000. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes haunting, her work is constructed by using a blend of digitally manipulated photography, collage, and painting on canvas and wood panel. The mythic, religious, and psychological themes present in Schafer's work express the delicate balance between good and evil,... more

Shades of Gray

A short documentary about the facts and myths of visual impairment. Covering topics from what it means to be blind, to the technology used by the visually impaired.


A short documentary exploring how art is being used to change how people with disabilities are perceived by the general public.

Art Out of Focus

A short documentary about people with vision impairments pursuing the visual arts.

Children of the Moon

About the Exhibition:
Children of the Moon is inspired by the life experience of a person with albinism. For years people with albinism have been exploited as circus sideshow freaks, percieved as magical beings, and portrayed as cinema villains. They've suffered bloody dismemberments and killings in Tanzania where their limbs and organs are highly prized by witch doctors.

The albino body has long been an object of ridicule, fascination and fetishism. In some cultures, people with albinism are believed to have mystical powers. They've been regarded as living ghosts, seen as diseased, and percieved as inhuman.

Partial Statement from the Artist:
The aim of these works is to promote a more inclusive and compassionate society by raising awareness about albinism through the visual vocabulary of collage.

Each collage is a mix of my personal photography, found imagery, wallpaper, and acrylic paint. The layers themselves are meant to convey a sense of memory, deep seeded emotions, and the passage of time.

Affairs Of The Heart

Each collage is created or canvas from the building up of layers of my personal photography, found imagery, wallpaper, acrylic paint, spray paint, and found objects. The multiple layers are meant to convey a sense of various feelings, memory and the passing of time.

The aim of these works is to utilize the visual vocabulary of collage to translate the many types of love we as humans experience into something whole, understandable, and beautiful to the eye.