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Painter, print maker, paper maker. Professional artist since 1974. Founder and director of Archway Gallery, Houston, Texas 1976. Relocated to Barrington, IL 1986 and established the first gallery for the Barrington Area Arts Council and established the BAAC annual Street Art Fair, awarded the First Annual Flo Bash Award by BAAC. Relocated to Maryland in 2000 and reside in Shady Side. Active in Maryland Federation of Art, Maryland Printmakers, Working Artists Forum, and a charter member of the Muddy... more

Abstract Florals

Mixed Media Monotypes using abstract shapes from exotic and native flowers. They combine Monotypes, handmade paper with flower embedments, watercolor, acrylic and collage.

sky and sea series

abstractions from the sky and sea in mixed media with collage and found objects

  • Sea Series

    Textured canvas, acrylic, silver leaf, silver solder, cheese cloth, 10"x20"

Mayan Series

Mayan Relics, Spirits, and Shards

  • Temple Heads Kohunlich

    Mixed Media Monotype/collage with handmade papers. 16"x20"
  • Mayan Square

    Monotype/collage/mixed media/ handmade paper, colored pencil and watercolor
  • Out of the Ashes

    Mixed Media Monotype, collage, handmade paper. 16"x32"
  • mayanfacade

    Monotype with pure pigments, collage, stone, handmade paper 16x32
  • Mayan Shards

    Monotype, stone, handmade paper 14x22
  • Mayan Patterns

    Monotype, pure pigments, watercolor, colored pencil, handmade paper, stone 16x18
  • Mayan Spirit Ladder

    found object with mixed media monotypes 12x70
  • mayan-altar

    found objects, handmade paper monotype 12x18
  • mayan window

    found objects, monotype collage/ montage 30x30
  • Mana Temples

    Monotype, collage, scraps and stone 22x26

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