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Praised by The New York Times for her gracefully shaped vocal lines and for her ?"dead-on surety of pitch and attractive tone"? by the Albany Times Union, Mezzo-Soprano, Sonya Alexandra Knussen is equally at home performing new music and established repertoire. She has premiered many works, most recently Joanna Lee'?s ?"archy interviews a pharaoh"? at the 2010 Aldeburgh Festival in Suffolk, England. Engagements have included Brahms'? Liebeslieder Waltzer at Johns Hopkins Hospital?'s Noon Concert... more

Silent Screen Live Sound

Silent Screen Live Sound is a performance series curated by Sonya Knussen with a view to start in February/March 2012. Public Domain and other silent cinematic work will be presented with live classical music both improvised and programmed.

To begin, the series will rely almost entirely of works, both musical and cinematic, in the public domain as well as the donation of time and skills by local classical musicians in the Baltimore Area.

Beyond that it is hoped that works can be commissioned - both cinematic and musical either in collaboration or as separate works that can be combined with already existing music.

Career Development for Emerging Musicians

As well as her performance career which includes a great deal of collaboration, Sonya enjoys aiding emerging professional classical musicians in their career development to include helping them develop portfolio/press/audition packets, produce publicity photographs, advising on the available (and at times providing) performance opportunities and auditions, and most recently creating webpages for musicians who otherwise have no time to do so.

Examples of websites include:


We are a collective of individuals each equally skilled in solo and ensemble performance. We are collaborators. We each promote music education in our own ways. We take the old and the new and present it in innovative programs. We are hexaCollective.

hexaCollective was originally founded by Sonya Knussen and Andrew Sauvageau as a group of singers working to fill the niche between choral ensemble and soloists, creating opportunities to explore solo options whilst growing as a vocal ensemble. The addition of a full instrumental roster led by Melissa Wertheimer to hexaCollective has enhanced its chamber and solo music programming with a more diverse presentation of works. The ensemble is centered on the desire to explore possiblities in new works, some commissioned specifically for hexaCollective, as well as rarely performed pieces. Each member of hexaCollective is an established or emerging artist-teacher dedicated to private and public music education in various mediums. The origin of the name hexaCollective draws from the six voice categories (soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass).

Sonya Knussen is General Artistic Director of hexaCollective.

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