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Rockin' the isolation

Could You Forgive Me

Reflecting on a relationship that ended.

Hold Me

Longing for the past




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Baltimore City

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33 years writing music, performing in bands. More recently, father of an 11 year old boy. Working stiff. Bands include: Pornflakes (1992-1996) The Swingin' Swamis (1997-present) A.S.S. aka Augie & Snackie Show (1992-Present) The Vita-Men (2002-2003) Theatre Sound Design: Taming of The Shrew (Baltimore Shakespeare Festival, 2008) The Go Go Pirate Show (Fluid Movement, 2003) Judith (Mongrel Theatre, 1997) Other occupations: The Music Lab (2010-present)...Piano, Guitar and Ukulele... more

Isolation Series

Songs written and/or recorded during the Covid 19 pandemic.

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