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The trailer for the feature-length documentary about stripmine crooner, Rev. Fred Lane, and the Raudelunas arts community he came from.

Skizz Cyzyk - "In My Motel Room"

A music video from the PSYCHOx10 original motion picture soundtrack. Written, recorded, shot & edited by Skizz Cyzyk, during quarantine 2020. (


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Filmmaker, musician, songwriter, actor, writer, DJ, graphic designer, printer, events coordinator, ...


SOUND MECHANIC is a feature length documentary about artist/musician/performer/sound mechanic Neil Feather.

My previous documentary took 19 years to complete. The one before that took 7 years. During the editing of both films, I stressed over how to fit all of the necessary story into the running time of a feature length documentary. For my next documentary, I wanted to do something different. I came up with a list of rules to follow, inspired by Dogma 95:

1). As much as possible, be productive without funding/budget.
2). As much as possible, be productive without additional crew.
3). Do not set out to tell a story unless one unfolds during shooting.
4). No talking head interviews.
5). No archival materials.
6). No more than a 2-year filmmaking process (shoot for the first year; post for the second year).

For SOUND MECHANIC, I want to give the audience a chance to hang out with Neil Feather for an hour and a half; learn some things about him; see what he does; experience his performances. I’m not concerned with telling his story. Instead, I simply want to give a fly-on-the-wall view of Neil’s world, circa now.


    SOUND MECHANIC will be a feature-length documentary about artist/musician/performer/sound mechanic Neil Feather. This video is an example of some of the footage shot for the project so far. WORK IN PROGRESS by Skizz Cyzyk

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