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Graduated from Goucher College in Baltimore, MD with a Bachelor of the Arts in Studio Art and Peace Studies, Shannon Finnell practices photography with an interest in social justice and conflict theory. She is currently a first-year student in the MFA photography program at Parsons School of Design at The New School, NY. Finnell’s work is focused on the question that women are not encouraged to support each other and the larger systems of oppression - using the belief that vulnerable relationships can... more

Sleep Project

Interested in my own personal sleep patterns, I began to photograph myself when I went to bed and then when I woke up each day. I would then record what time I went to bed and woke up to track how much sleep I had gotten between the two photographs.

Glasgow, Scotland

Through analog color photography, I explored the nightlife of Glasgow Scotland. The harsh flash and bright colors reflect the personalities I met and the memories that I still have. These photographs were developed and printed through traditional analog methods.

(Not) My Home

This body of work examines ideas of loneliness embedded within the essence of a place. Between moving from Baltimore to New York City, I paused in New Jersey to live in my mother’s childhood home. I struggled to find where I temporarily fit into her past and present, within a space she left many years ago.

We Are Women

Currently grappling with the concept that women are not encouraged to support each other socially and professionally. Instead, we live in a world where girl on girl hate is common.

What would a relationship between two women look like if it was encouraged and nurtured by society? This body of work is hoping to reimagine what those relationships may look like a well as disrupt the current system that turns women against each other.

Working with New York City based modern dancers Therese Ronco and Lucy Wild to explore what support looks like physically and to create a language of support through body movement.

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