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Bordered World

Bordered World, evolving mold in 2500 petri dishes, 2014-15


Land, mold on yupo paper, 2016

The World

The World, mold on board, 24x36", 2014


War Series (Destruction), Mold on yupo paper mounted on boards, each 20x24", 2017


About Selin

Anne Arundel County

Selin Balci explore the theater of human conditions and its effects to our earth in a cultivated, living environment; the Petri dish. This environment serves not only as a vivarium for mold but also as a living studio. By constructing a landscape simultaneously natural and artificial, Petri dish provides a platform on which Balci act as a curator and creator. In this artificial ‘world’, Balci stages global problems; conflicts, forms of power, political pressures, immigration, racialism, dominance,... more

Bordered World

Bordered World, Evolving mold in Petri dishes, 2014-15

In this work, I used living mold to create an interactive biological landscape. This project consisted 2500 different sized Petri dishes with living mold. Each Petri dish consisted two different mold; one red and one black. When they are placed into the same living platform, a conflict for resources raised that eventually results with a borderline. These microbes are metaphors for the human predicament and wars.


In Contamination Series, the surface of each panel is laced with graceful, brilliant mold until the entire surface is covered and patterned with circular borders. Then, I assembled these forms and shapes that molds produced, to create various visual references that can relate to both natural and human impacted landscapes. The forms have similarities to human-induced activities on the landscape. They create territories, boundaries, and borderlines and end up with conflicts on the picture surface.

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