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Howard County

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The music of Sean K. Preston draws heavily on the influences of the classic heartbroken sounds of Country... more

Sean K. Preston EP

Dark, dirty and punked up god fearing country, blues rock'n'roll

  • Ain't No Grave

    Ain't no grave gonna hold my body down
  • Guitar Man

    One man, one microphone, one foot, one guitar, one take....blues
  • Murder

    "I was seeing red, but I did not hear her screaming...."
  • Satan

    A song written in Dublin Ireland about Baltimore

The Colt From Old Regret

A mix of rock'n'roll, old time religion, blues and honkytonk which holds tradition in high regard while remaing a modern, cohesive offering, in an age where digital music is killing the album as an artform. Independantly released in Summer of 2013 for nationwide tour and now available online at,

  • Still Believe

    "I've been from coast to coast and I've been haunted by the ghosts of every love I've lived and lost and the ones I love the most..."
  • Money

    "Unseen chains bind man's soul...."
  • 7am Hell

    One of those songs...took almost 10 years to finish...
  • The Deal

    A song about a dirty breakup..."I hate it when I'm right!"
  • Red River Valley

    a pioneer can be sure the pioneers didn't do it this way tho...
  • Only One

    another song that started in Dublin Ireland...."it can't rain every day I'm told...."
  • Nobody's Fool

    "Well everyone was wrong, when they said that love makes you stronger...."
  • Vengeance

    "is it really a sin?"

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