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The Crossing

Illuminated Glass casting
The Crossing 36"x10"x3" Glass, Wood, LED, Dichroic This is a relief cast glass panel, illuminated by blue Neon LED, and framed in wood. There is an iridescent film to alter the color shift. The piece is about the ethereality of liminal spaces as we cross from one phase of our life to another. There is a relief of a canoe cast into the glass to represent the vessel of this journey.

Ways Things Grow

Ways Things Grow
Ways Things Grow 6'x 3'x 28" Steel, Glass, Paint, LED

Pink Radiance

Pink Radiance
Pink Radiance Glass, Neon LED, Steel Frame 22"x18"

Journey Through the Straits.

Journey Through the Straits Glass, Digital Print, Paint, Resin, LED, Steel Frame 22"x18"


About Sean

Baltimore City - Station North A&E District

Sean Hennessey's picture
Sean Hennessey is a mixed media artist living in Baltimore. A Graduate of Berea College, Sean's work is in the collections of The US Art in Embassies Program, Amazon Web Services, Prince George's County Collection and The District Of Columbia's Art Collection. He is the founder of Otis Street Arts Project, a studio center and gallery in Prince George's County, MD

The Relentless Path Upaward

This is an illuminated cast glass relief combined with photography and found objects.
The piece is 36"x24"


  • Wayfinding

    Wall relief glass sculpture with images of goggles, a bridge, a figure and a door.
    Wayfinding Cast Glass, Window Glass, Paint, Digital Print, LED 3'x2'

The Doors That May Open

This is an illuminated cast glass panel, enameled and layers with photography.

The Gift of Time

The Gift of Time is an enameled fused and cast window glass wall relief sculpture illuminated with an LED panel.

The piece is 36"x24"

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