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Upright with Horn

Upright with Horn. From series Scrap Lutherie. Found objects. 58"x10"x4"


Ram. From the series Figurative Works. Found objects. 14"x12"x6"

Industrial Pull Toy #2

Industrial Pull Toy #2. From the series Objects for Diversion and Amusement. Found objects and materials. 10"x10"x5"

Power Plant

Power Plant. From the series Fabrications. Found objects. 11"x4"x4"


About Scott

Harford County

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Scott Roberts creates sculptural works from objects and materials he finds on the street and collects from flea markets, junk shops, and estate sales. “I collect throw-away items like furniture parts, salvaged hardware, wood and metal scraps, and combine them in new and surprising ways to bring them back to life. My attempt is to make these disparate parts appear as if they naturally belong together, working in cooperation for renewed purpose. I take satisfaction in seeing beyond individual pieces... more

Scrap Lutherie

Many objects now referred to as folk art were originally created more for practical purposes than artistic ones. Years ago, if you wanted a banjo but couldn't afford one, you rummaged through the barn for a hubcap, a scrap board, and some wire, then you cobbled one together. This series of improvised musical instruments is a nod to such innovations.

Objects for Diversion and Amusement

Continuing series of industrial themed pull toys and boats.

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