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Work Samples

Field Study

From the Fabrication series.

Upright with Horn

Upright with Horn. From the series Scrap Lutherie. Found objects and materials. 10"x4"x58”

Wire Study

From the Wired series.


From the Figures series.


About Scott

Harford County

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Scott Roberts creates a wide range of sculptural works from objects and materials he finds on the street and collects from flea markets, junk shops, and estate sales. “I collect throw-away items like furniture parts, salvaged hardware, wood and metal scraps, and combine them in new and unexpected ways. My attempt is to make these disparate parts appear as if they naturally belong together. I like seeing beyond individual pieces of useless junk. By altering and combining old materials, I attempt to... more

Scrap Lutherie

Continuing series of found object stringed instruments.

Quarantine Series

Group of small sculptural works created during the 2020 pandemic.

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