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Work Samples

Barber Shop Series #60, Done

Barbershop Series # 60, Done Acrylic, glass, metal, thread w objects on wood. 30.5 x 22.5 inches

Barber Shop Series # 38, Chance

Acrylic, glass, metal thread with objects on wood. 32 x 29.5 inches

Promise private collection

Acrylic, metal, wood with objects on washboard 29.5 x 13.5 x 2 inches

Dream Merchant

Acrylic, paper, metal w objects on wood 31 x 17 x 5 inches


About Schroeder

Baltimore City

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A native of Washington, D.C., Schroeder Cherry began making art and playing with puppets as a child. Over time he incorporated his childhood pastime into his 30 years of professional museum work. Dr. Cherry has held positions at museums across the U.S., including The Art Institute of Chicago; the Smithsonian Institution's Anacostia Museum; Studio Museum in Harlem; the J.Paul Getty Museum in California; Baltimore Museum of Art and Maryland Historical Society. Cherry has also served as a grantmaker, with... more

Barber Shop Series

The Barber Shop Series is inspired by those places men go to get shaves and their hair cut. While waiting to be serviced, and later in the chair, customers share an environment ripe with conversation, political views, and perspectives on every day events. Some men visit their shop weekly or bi-weekly, making it a communal space. The series depicts shops in Baltimore and surrounding areas.

These works are acrylic with objects on wood.

Assemblage Portraits

Assemblage Portraits use acrylic and objects on wood to depict people, real and imagined.

Schroeder Cherry and His Puppets

Schroeder Cherry played with puppets as a kid. In college he tried puppets again and was hooked. He apprenticed to a puppet master in Chicago and joined a troupe before setting out on his own. Working with sculpted rod puppets and wood cut outs that he designed, Schroeder has performed original shows with puppets in museums, libraries, schools, and cultural centers across the United States. Performances include: "Can You Spell Harlem?," "The Land of Primary Colors," "Underground Railroad, Not A Subway," "Tuskegee Airmen," "How The Sun Came To The Sky," and "Children's Crusade." Puppet Docent Ms. Lily was designed specifically to lead adult tours in museums and art galleries.

Angel Can Series

Inspired by a Garcia Marquez short story about an angel that fell to earth, the Angel Can Series depicts Black males as spiritual beings. The works are acrylic, glass, metal, wood and found objects on cans. These "Kick Ass Angels'" are spiritual guides one calls on when in the thick of it. They are effective because they have seen some things. Each angel is numbered on the inside lid.

Railroad Porter Series

The Railroad Porter Series commemorates those people who toiled on American railroads, largely establishing America's first Black middleclass.


Narrative pieces are open ended stories inspired by literature, music, convesations, events and travel. Although I work from a particular idea, viewers are encouraged to interpret their own storyline. There is no one story. I often like to eavesdrop when people are talking about the work. Sometimes what they come up with is rich, and completely different from what I had in mind.