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Mosaic, Sacraments
Sacraments, 12"x12", mosaic, 2020

Path Forward

Mosaic, Path Forward
Path Forward, 12"x12", mosaic, 2020


Mosaic, History
History, 12"x12", mosaic, 2019

We Grow Flowers Out of Our Scars

Mosaic, We Grow Flowers
We Grow Flowers Out of Our Scars, 12"x12" 2019


About Sarah

Baltimore City

Sarah McCann's picture
Sarah McCann is a Baltimore based curator, community artist, and consultant. McCann’s text-based mosaics, prints and multimedia artwork has been exhibited nationally and she had her first solo exhibition in 2018 at Jubilee Arts in Baltimore. Since 2010 McCann has organized, curated and installed exhibitions and related programming from conception to completion. Her curatorial methodology poses questions to artists as themes for the exhibitions and often includes youth artists and/or a community... more

Tracing Transformations

The work in this exhibition is a series investigating key parts of my life and the ways that some of my foundational experiences have provided the base of who I am and constantly grown and changed as I and my life have transformed. Subjects I reflected on as I created this work include: religion/spirituality, art/creativity, pain/learning/growth, planting gardens, family, reading, justice work, love, and nature.

Mosaics 2019 - 2020

Mosaics created 2019 - 2020.

Curatorial Practice

Through my curatorial practice, I work to activate gallery spaces in a way that challenges artists of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to create new work in response to a question or theme. Artwork created by professional artists and youth artists are displayed together. Community participation and thematic programming provides space for dialogue and voice during the course of the exhibition. The world needs artists. Humans are creative by nature and having space to express who we are and what we want our world to look like is necessary. Young people are stakeholders in all that we do and will be the future leaders of our institutions, organizations and governments. Making space for their interpretation of the world and ideas on moving forward is vital and the arts provide an effective means to highlight and acknowledge the many points of view that make up our neighborhoods, cities and communities.
  • What's Your War?

    What's Your War? Postcard Image
    What's Your War? An exhibition about what really needs to be fought against We live in a country where we are in a constant state of war against something. There is the “War on Drugs”, the “War on Terror”, the war in Iraq, and the war in Afghanistan. Each president seems to have their own personal war, which is presented in the press as something universal that we as citizens of the United States are all opposed to. What if one doesn’t believe in the war on drugs, the war on terror or the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?
  • The Process of Peace

    The Process of Peace Postcard Image
    The Process of Peace Peace is a process, not an end goal. It is something we must work toward, strive for, and can only be approached though disciplined practice, awareness, and work. We each undertake very personal approaches to moving toward peace in our lives.
  • Women: An Exhibition

    Women Postcard Image
    Women: an Exhibition What makes women awesome? Who are the amazing women you know? How have they impacted your life and work? What effect have they had on the world? Women: An Exhibition invites participating artists and designers of all genders to create work that celebrates the incredible women they have known, loved, and been influenced by.
  • Baltimore From Many Perspectives

    Baltimore From Many Perspectives Postcard Image
    Baltimore From Many Perspectives An exhibition featuring nine interconnected artists in collaboration with two dancers and young artists and dancers from ConneXions School for the Arts. In this exhibition each artist chosen to participate was a part of selecting the other artists. The task, invite an artist that you are connected to, but also different from. The exhibition grew organically from there to include artists of many backgrounds and various mediums including painting, digital media, sound, ceramic, printmaking, mixed media, performance and more.
  • Portraits of People We Love

    Portraits of People We Love Postcard Image
    Portraits of People we Love is an exhibition that invited artists to create and submit work that depicts a person or persons each artist loves. This love may be platonic, familial, romantic, someone they only know in passing, but are overjoyed exist in the world, someone they have never met, but appreciate in the deepest, most meaningful way or any and all other forms of love. October 20 - November 18, 2017 MICA PLACE 814 N Collington Ave, Baltimore, MD 21205 Hosted by Maryland Institute College of Art and MICA's MFA in Community Arts
  • Our Words Will Be Heard_Postcard Front.jpg

    Our Words Will Be Heard Postcard Image
    Our Words Will Be Heard At a time when people are being silenced, the arts provide an opportunity to speak out. It is only through the rising up of all voices that true equilibrium and harmony can be achieved. This exhibition, asked artists to create or submit pieces of artwork that express why speaking up and being heard is important, as well as sharing artists' own stories related to being silenced and rising up against that silencing.
  • McCann_OWWSBH_Front_FINAL.jpg

    Our Words Will Still Be Heard Postcard Image
    Our Words Will Still Be Heard is the second exhibition planned in conjunction with Rising Up an education program for middle school students organized by the Modell Performing Arts Center at the Lyric. Curated by Sarah McCann, the exhibition asked professional artists to create work about the power voice that were exhibited alongside art and performances of lyrical narratives created by Baltimore middle school students expressing personal stories and their perspectives on life. At a time when people are being silenced, the arts provide an opportunity to speak out.
  • WOS_Postcard_Front.jpg

    Ways of Seeing Postcard Image
    Ways of Seeing Curated by Anil Lewis & Sarah McCann Gallery CA 440 E Oliver St, Baltimore, MD 21202 June 7 - July 20, 2019 Ways of Seeing an exhibition co-curated by Anil Lewis and Sarah McCann that challenged artists to create work that can be “seen” through all five senses. The exhibition put work on view that questions the meaning of seeing, how people experience the world and the ways in which they work to understand, particularly those with a different experience.
  • East Baltimore_Front.jpg

    East Baltimore: Her Artists and Her People Postcard
    East Baltimore: Her Artists and Her People Curated by Allison Duggan, Gerad Forte & Sarah McCann Exhibition on view: September 20 - October 27, 2019 MICA PLACE 814 N.
  • As It Should Be Postcard Front_Final.jpg

    As It Should Be Postcard
    As It Should Be asked artists to imagine what tomorrow brings. If artists had the power to wake in the morning and have the perfect day, have all problems in the world be solved then what would the world look like? “The artist” is often written off as someone who doesn't understand how the world works and whose ideas have no basis of reality within the current system. What is misunderstood in these moments is that the artist can simultaneously hold the world as it is and the world as it should be. The cognitive dissonance between these two worlds is the space where the artist thrives.

Words of Love

The inspiration for this body of work came after an exhibition I curated titled, Portraits of People We Love, held at MICA Place last October. In this exhibition artists created work that depicts a person or persons each artist loves. The results were beautiful and have blossomed into a second installation at Gallery Aferro in Newark, NJ this coming October. The process of organizing these two shows have planted and watered a seed in me to find a way to connect my text-based mosaic work with my experiences of love and people I love. I started with my grandfather who died when I was a child, but who left a letter for me to open when I turned sixteen. In the letter the words “you are love” were written and as a teenager had a deep impact on me. Returning to the letter as an adult, I am now able to read in it what must have been a time of great pain for my grandfather and still he found a way to express his love through his pain. I remain in awe by this letter and his words of love. I feel grateful that this message was expressed to me at such an important moment in my life. 

From this single piece grew a series of smaller text work that include words I find necessary for any loving relationship. The other two larger pieces were inspired by two long term friends and peers who have had great impact on my art and my life. The last two pieces included are about the loss of love and the need to remember that just as each day begins anew, loss is an opportunity to love anew... to love oneself, the world, strangers, friends, family, everyone.

The tumult in the heart
keeps asking questions.
And then it stops and undertakes to answer
in the same tone of voice.
No one could tell the difference.
                                   - Elizabeth Bishop

Text It!

We use text messages to communicate quickly and immediately to our family and friends. What if we were also able to do this to a larger audience – to our neighborhood, community, the public? This project in partnership with Tinges Commons facilitated a series of text pieces painted on a sign board in the Better Waverly community. Suggestions for the sign were accepted from any and all community members that wanted to participate and were painted weekly from April – July, 2012.

Sarah's Curated Collection

This artist has not yet created a curated collection.