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fibers, embroidery
Embroidery on canvas


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Baltimore City

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As of recent I have been looking over my work from the past ten or fifteen years and have realized that it actually does have a common thread that tells an interesting story. I have always been a feminist but my voice is quiet and not as loud as others. It often questions rather then accuses and often gets over shadowed by the louder voices, although those louder voices are a source of inspiration, power and respect I often feel like my brand of feminism gets washed out. 
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Flyers for Art Shows, Abstract Comics & Text Art

These are flyers for Art Shows I curate at my home. I call them lightly curated shows because I ask artists to participate but do not choose their work. All art shows also feature musicians or performing artists of some kind. My comics are made on the mac program Comic Life. The images are mostly those collected on the internet through image searches of subjects that interest me. When put together they form a narrative. These are all one pages comics and not meant to be "read" as a page by page story.

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