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acrylic on panel in daylight, UV light, and in the dark


acrylic on panel in daylight, UV light, and in the dark

What Is This?

acrylic on panel in daylight and UV light

Installation detail

custom wall mural from installation Is It Just Me? in UV light


About Sarah

Baltimore City

Sarah Clough is a visual artist, writer, teacher, and curator living in Baltimore, Maryland. While a graduate student at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Clough was awarded a GradEX solo show and her paintings were also featured in the annual First Year Juried Show. She has exhibited across the United States, in California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia, and South Korea. She is a recent Denis Diderot Grant recipient from the Chateau d'... more

Some People Can't Be Bothered

This installtion immerses viewers in distorted glowing language taken from my writing. Viewers illuminate the work with provided UV flashlights and were invited to write responses on the wall in luminescent ink. The text remains glowing on the wall some time after the UV light is removed. Then, viewers are returned to darkness.

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