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Baltimore City

Sara Grose is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Baltimore, MD. She holds a BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Sara co-founded and co-directed Lil’ Gallery from 2014-2015, during which time over 60 artists were exhibited. Currently, Sara manages Resort Studios, an artist studio space she established in 2015. The building houses seven artist’s practices including her own. Sara has spent the past two years working and studying techniques as a... more

I am an Unreliable Narrarator from Planet Eerth

The work comes from a place called “Eerth.” Eerth is Earth askew, more surreal, less rational, a way of thinking and dissociating. My preoccupation with science fiction brought me to this thought experiment. If I make work as if I am on Eerth my work reflects Eerth, or an off-kilter Earth. The paintings are true terrestrial moments of surreality. I build a hierarchy of visuals through selective focusing. The play between soft image and sharp brush strokes approximate the atmosphere of the unreal moment. The sculptures are illusions; they describe what I wish were true. I wish the Mars Rover would gain self awareness or that there were artifacts proving humans had six toes. I push these longings into three dimensions to make the view from here more Eerthly.

Visiting Planet Eerth

In this series of paintings I am considering what it would be like to have an original interaction with the Earthly landscape. While painting, I thought of Earth as being mistakenly pronounced “Eerth.” Imagining an extra-terrestrial, notoriously perceived as inhuman and cold, warming at the touch of a gentle Earthly breeze and having moments of existential crisis as it catches a glimpse of itself in a river bank. Finding myself in moments of manic awe of my Earthly landscape I slipped into the mindset of “Eerth” to grapple with its unfamiliarity.

No More Sun!

A post apocalyptic hotel room bunker.

What if I'm too busy to notice the apocolypse?

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