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  • Sahffi Lynne

    Sahffi Lynne (they/she) is an international singer/songwriter and vocal coach, offering their music and teachings as medicine to illuminate our connection. Sahffi’s channeled original music and spirit-inspired performances have taken their melodies around the world, from Peru to Zimbabwe. As a private vocal coach, Sahffi teaches those interested in deepening their relationship with their voice using their own "Vocal Ladder” method of teaching. Through their online studio, “Vocalize Your Soul,” Sahffi teaches voice lessons all over the world using the Zoom platform.

  • Teaching Artist, 2006 - present

    Sahffi Lynne (they/she) has incorporated teaching as part of their musical offerings since 2006 in the form of their own vocal studio, "Vocalize Your Soul," and as a teaching artist for such programs as the Bright StARTS Program in Baltimore City, Kid Pan Alley in Virginia, and Naptown Sings & Plays in Annapolis. Sahffi has also offered classes and workshops in Voice and Guitar for adults and children at CCBC, Baltimore School for Independent Learners, the Patterson Park Public Charter School, the Creative Alliance, Baltimore County Public Libraries, and more. As a teaching artist for children, Sahffi has offered music classes and workshops in pre-school, public school, library, and homeschool settings.

  • OFFICIAL VIDEO: "Let the Healing Begin," by Sahffi

    Enjoy the Official Video for “Let the Healing Begin,” by Sahffi, released December 15, 2022. This song is from Sahffi's sixth album, “Pulse of Evolution.” This year-long project was completely crowd-funded with gifts from over 150+ of Sahffi's supporters. About the song in Sahffi's words: "This song is special to me as I literally watched my hand write the words, and the song came through me as if spirit was playing ME as the instrument! It was received as a powerful message to me, and I am happy others resonate with the message as well." The song and video won two "Posi" awards in 2023; the song won in the category of "Personal Development" and the video also was honored with the same award. (

  • "Release Your Fear" by Sahffi, Live in Peru

    As an international musician, Sahffi Lynne was honored to be one of the few U.S. performers invited to perform at the international festival, "El Festival de Musica Medicina," in Pisac, Peru in 2016 and 2018. In this video Sahffi shares their song “Release Your Fear“ with friends at the festival in the beautiful Sacred Valley surrounded by the Andes Mountains in June, 2016. The pandemic thwarted Sahffi's return to South America in 2020, yet currently Sahffi is planning a UK/European Tour with their current booking agent for 2025.

About Sahffi

Baltimore County

Sahffi Lynne (they/she) is an international medicine musician and vocal coach, offering their music, meditations, and teachings as medicine to illuminate our connection.

Sahffi’s channeled original music and spirit-inspired performances have taken their melodies around the world, from Peru to Zimbabwe. As a private vocal coach, Sahffi teaches those interested in deepening their relationship with their voice using their own "… more

Full-Time Musician, 2010 – present.

As a full-time musician for the past 15 years, Sahffi (they/she) lives in Baltimore County with their son and performs and teaches mostly in the mid-Atlantic and DMV region. However, Sahffi is also well respected internationally. In 2016 & 2018, Sahffi was one of three North American artists invited to perform at El Festival de Musica Medicina in Pisac, Peru. This was not Sahffi's first experience with working outside of the U.S.; in 2012 they released their third album, "Expectations Revisited," which featured remixes from producers around the world, including Zimbawe, the UK, Italy, South Africa, and more. Sahffi is also well-known and loved in Botswana and South Africa due to a 2010 #1 hit entitled "Summer Breeze" with producer N'Dinga Gaba. (A recent remix in 2023 by FKA Mash garnered over a million streams on Spotify!) In 2011, Sahffi and their house music band t3N (pronounced "ten") landed a #1 download on the international house music site Traxsource. In their voice studio, "Vocalize Your Soul," Sahffi has been teaching their own "Vocal Ladder" method for the past decade, helping hundreds of people locally and around the world find and connect with their voice. Sahffi continues to work internationally and regionally, performing and teaching consistently in the Baltimore/DC/VA area, up and down the east coast, and online. They plan to visit Brazil and Mexico in 2024 for performances and career-learning opportunities. They are incredibly grateful to be living the life they love with their strong community of fans, friends, and family.

  • "Learning the Ways" by Sahffi & Her Band, Live at The Refuge on October 3, 2021

    As a regional performer, Sahffi & Their Family Band have been performing together in the DMV area for over 15 years. Here they are at "The Refuge," an outdoor house concert series in Woodstock, Maryland, in October, 2021.

  • "Minute by Minute," an online performance for CSLGB's online service

    As a solo performer, for the past decade Sahffi has been a guest musician for nearly every Sunday morning at a spiritual center in the DMV region. During the pandemic, most gatherings were being held online. Here Sahffi performs for the Center for Spiritual Living's service on April 10, 2022, accompanied by ASL interpretation.

  • Vocalize Your Soul with Sahffi

    As a Vocal Coach, Sahffi teaches from her studio, "Vocalize Your Soul." In their own words: "To find your own authentic, divine singing and speaking voice, you need to start by understanding how to play your body as an instrument. To help with this, I came up with my own method of teaching, called the 'Vocal Ladder.' Each rung of the 'Vocal Ladder' aligns with one of the major 7 chakras of the body. We'll explore how singing can move energy for emotional healing, and how you can use this method to speak and sing your truth clearly from your heart. Using our voice is our divine right, I am here to help you connect to that joy again!" Link:

  • Sahffi has released six independent albums from 2002 - 2022

    As a songwriter, Sahffi has six albums to their name. "Pulse of Evolution," Sahffi's sixth album, was released in October of 2021. Originally designed to be an 11-song album, the pandemic forced Sahffi to discontinue studio sessions for the album. Sahffi decided instead to release the 7-song album as a 7-chakra medicine music meditation. All of these songs have been channeled and are offered in a specific order to encourage peace and grounding when listening. Link:

  • "Summer Breeze (Raw Artistic Soul Remix)"- N’Dinga Gaba feat. Sahffi

    As an international songwriter and collaborator, Sahffi has written and recorded house music with producers from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Italy, the UK, and more. Sahffi's song with N'Dinga Gaba, "Summer Breeze," went #1 in 2010, and has been viewed on YouTube over 1 million times. A recent remix in 2023 by producer FKA Mash went #12 on the charts in South Africa and has garnered over one million streams on Spotify.

  • "New Moon Medicine Music Meditation" with Sahffi Lynne

    As a medicine musician, ​Sahffi has offered "Medicine Music Meditation" concerts since 2018. For three years they offered online monthly New Moon Medicine Music Meditations every month (2020-2023). In addition, Sahffi also offers medicine music concerts with their family band which includes their sister on harmonies and brother-in-law on violin and viola. Sahffi also offers healing gatherings and retreats focused on singing and community through their venure, "Illuminate Your Connection."

  • "I Surrender," performed by OverGlow in Peru, 2018

    As an international performer, Sahffi has performed in Peru twice, in 2016 and 2018. Here they are with their medicine music band "Overglow" performing Sahffi's song "I Surrender" at El Festival de Musica Medicina in the Sacred Valley of Peru in July, 2018.

  • Telesma at Pink Moon Festival, Sept. 2015.

    As a performer, Sahffi stepped in as the lead vocalist with the popular tribal rock band "Telesma" in 2015 & 2016, subbing for lead vocalist Joanne Juskus when she was out with health issues. Here is one of their performances with the band at the Pink Moon Festival in West Virginia. Telesma was a popular band in the region for over a decade, with 5 albums to their credit. Telesma disbanded in 2017 after Joanne was unable to return to the stage.

  • "Beyond the Forest" by Lee Chapman, sung by Sahffi

    As a studio musician, Sahffi has worked as a studio vocalist, guitarist, and even French horn player for over a decade. She has recorded songs with Janice B., Mosno Al-Moseeki, David Ross, John Seay, Woody Lissauer, and many more. Here is a recent studio recording in 2022 for Lee Chapman.

  • Sahffi hosted online Song Circle Shares in 2020

    As a musical community leader, Sahffi hosted monthly online Song Circle Shares for their community via Zoom during the height of the shut down in 2020. Musicians from many parts of the country came to share their healing songs with each other. It was a very healing and moving experience for us all!

Six Independently-Released Original Albums

Sahffi (they/she) has independently released six original albums: "...and i am not sorry." (2002), "Turning Tides" (2008), "Expectations" (2011), "Expectations Revisited" (2012), "Entropic Moments" (2016), and "Pulse of Evolution" (2021). Read more about each album and listen to selected tracks below. All of Sahffi's music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, or any of your favorite streaming services. You may also visit Sahffi's Bandcamp page to listen and download the full albums:

  • Sahffi has released six independent albums from 2002 - 2022

    As a songwriter, Sahffi has six albums to their name. "Pulse of Evolution," Sahffi's sixth album, was released in October of 2021. Originally designed to be an 11-song album, the pandemic forced Sahffi to discontinue studio sessions for the album. Sahffi decided instead to release the 7-song album as a 7-chakra medicine music meditation. All of these songs have been channeled and are offered in a specific order to encourage peace and grounding when listening. A meditation guide is available when downloading the album from Sahffi's Bandcamp site. Link:

  • OFFICIAL VIDEO: "I Surrender," c. Sahffi Lynne, 2020, from "Pulse of Evolution"

    Watch the official video for "I Surrender," (c. Sahffi Lynne, 2020), the first track from Sahffi's sixth album, "Pulse of Evolution." During this song it is recommended to meditate on the first chakra, the muladhara, or "root" chakra. Invite feelings of grounding and safety as you surrender to that which is larger than yourself.

  • Entropic Moments, 2016.

    Sahffi's fifth album, "Entropic Moments," was released in October, 2016. It is a live album, recorded at the Bonnie Branch House Concert series in May, 2015. The album features songs of moments that change one's life forever, either good or bad. The moments have been in Sahffi's life as well as her close friends' lives. Listen to and download the album here:

  • Moments of Now MP3.mp3
    "Moments of Now," from Sahffi's fifth album "Entropic Moments," is the ultimate love song, the moment when you realize why everything else happened in your life. The song has been played live at two weddings by Sahffi and played as the first dance at another wedding. (c. Sahffi Lynne, 2016.)
  • Expectations, 2011.

    "Expectations," Sahffi's third album, was fully funded by a 2010 grant from The Baltimore Promotion of the Arts and the Maryland State Arts Council, and by fans through a successful Kickstarter campaign. The album was a grand experiment; Sahffi gave 10 different producers 10 different tracks with no "expectations" on how to produce the songs. The result reveals Sahffi a musical chameleon and highlights their unique ability to perform and shine in many different styles of music. Listen to and download the full album here:

  • Ticktock Islands

    Num63r S!x (aka Sean P. Finn) produced this track "Ticktock Islands," off of Sahffi's third album "Expectations," bringing a sense of tactile whimsy to Sahffi's style. (c. Sahffi Lynne, 2011.) Sean and Sahffi went to Peabody together back in the 90's, so their musical journey has been a long one!

  • Turning Tides, 2008.

    "Turning Tides" is Sahffi's second album, written as she transitioned into motherhood. The album deals with grand issues such as love, challenges, pain, and life lessons. Released in May, 2008, the album features her full band which includes her sister Shelly Work on harmony vocals, Sean Finn on bass and Zach LeFeber on drums, and was recorded and mixed at Bunker Studio in Cockeysville, MD by Chris Bentley. Mastering was completed by the Grammy-award winning Charlie Pilzer. Listen to and download the entire album here:

  • Waiting For Me

    "Waiting for Me" is an example of Sahffi's melodic songwriting. Featuring her friend from Peabody and the former conductor of the Columbia Symphony, Jason Love, on cello, this track from Sahffi's second album, "Turning Tides," is a beautiful contemplation of what it means to be human. (c. Sahffi Lynne, 2008.)

  • Expectations Revisited, 2012.
    "Expectations Revisited" is Sahffi's fourth album, a remix of songs from their third album, "Expectations." The album features producers from around the world: Italy, South Africa, Zimbabwe, the UK & the USA. All of Sahffi's songs from "Expectations" have been remixed, with an added bonus, a NEW TRACK from Sahffi & Mike Grove (UK), "Could You." Listen to and download the complete album here:
  • ...and i am not sorry, 2002.
    Sahffi's first album, "...and i am not sorry," clearly reveals a classical musician transitioning into the world of folk, blues, and rock. Released in 2002, the album is raw, powerful, and magnificently arranged. Sahffi's solo live performance captured at Peabody Studios shows her eagerness to claim her musical existence. Listen to and download the entire album here:

Music as Medicine, 2015-present.

Sahffi (they/she) has always recognized the power of music to connect hearts. They have loved the feeling of playing music for others since they were a child. It was Sahffi's two-year stint as a Music Therapist to severely developmentally disabled adults in New York in their early twenties where they truly recognized the healing aspect of using music as medicine. Since 2015, Sahffi has been writing and channeling music intentionally to connect hearts, minds, and souls with that which is larger than ourselves.  Sahffi's sixth album, "Pulse of Evolution," released in 2021, is a 7-song collection designed as a 7-chakra music meditation. Sahffi has been honored to share her music as medicine at nursing homes, assisted living facilities, memory care facilities, hospitals, children's hospitals, at the bedside of the dying, as well as yoga studios, festivals, music meditations, ceremonies, retreats, weddings, funerals, fire circles, and  more throughout the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Sahffi is also humbled to be one of the few U.S. performers to be invited to share their music at "El Festival de Musica Medicina" (Festival of Medicine Music) in 2016 and 2018 in Pisac, Peru.

  • Sahffi sitting in a field with guitar with Logo

    Sahffi (they/she) believes in the power of music to reconnect us to our hearts, which in turn helps us reconnect with the world around us. Sahffi has been honored to perform their healing music as medicine in the mid-Atlantic region including Baltimore, DC, New York, Florida, and internationally in Pisac, Peru and online live via Zoom during the pandemic shutdown. (Photo by Shane Gardner, 2022.)

  • Illuminate Your Connection Retreat, 2022

    Sahffi envisioned and created the "Illuminate Your Connection" retreat in the summer of 2022. The goal and mission with this retreat was to clear the path to our Inner Knowing. On this retreat participants enjoyed hikes to local waterfalls, native plant hikes, daily meditation and movement, yoga, workshops in voice and creativity, music and sing-alongs around the campfire, and healing practices. An IYC Retreat is currently being planned for summer of 2025.

  • Kunkawaki Yoga & Music Retreats, 2017 & 2018

    In June, 2017, and June, 2018, Sahffi co-hosted the Kunkawaki Yoga & Music Retreat to Pisac, Peru. Sahffi offered participants vocal and songwriting workshops as well as individual voice lessons to teach the techniques of singing to encourage heart opening using their own "Vocal Ladder Method." A full retreat planned for July 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic, and now Sahffi is leading their "Illuminate Your Connection" retreats in the Blue Ridge Mountains outside of Asheville, NC, with hopes to bring retreats internationally again soon.

  • Performer at Medical and Retirement Facilities, 2012 - present

    Sahffi brings their healing music to hospitals, children's hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and memory care facilities. Performing music for the sick, elderly, and dying, is one of Sahffi's greatest honors. (Pictured: Sahffi at Symphony Manor Memory Care Facility in 2022.)

  • Online Medicine Music Meditation for the New Moon in Leo, 8/8/21

    Sahffi has been offering "Medicine Music Meditation" concerts since 2016, yet in 2020 all performances were moved online. To keep a sense of consistency (and sanity!), Sahffi offered monthly Medicine Music Meditations for the New Moon, live-streamed on their Facebook page and archived on their YouTube page. Sahffi offered a full three years of monthly New Moon Medicine Music Meditations, from 2020-2023. In 2023 many of the monthly concerts were a hybrid model, consisting of in-person and Zoom audience members.

  • "I Surrender," performed by OverGlow in Peru, 2018

    As an international performer, Sahffi has performed in Peru twice, in 2016 and 2018. Here is Sahffi with their medicine music band "Overglow" performing Sahffi's song "I Surrender" at El Festival de Musica Medicina in the Sacred Valley of Peru in July, 2018.

  • Energy & Medicine Music Workshops with Alan Pratt, 2016-2018

    From 2016 - 2018 Sahffi collaborated with energy healer Alan Pratt for workshops in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, DC, and Florida. The combination of his energy healing work and Sahffi's medicine music made for a powerful healing experience for all attendees.

  • Sound Journeys with HoniB & Sahffi, 2016-2017

    HoniB & Sahffi have collaborated to bring into existence a unique Sacred Channeled Sound Journey experience where they surrender to the will of the Medicine Drum & Acoustic Guitar and completely dive into the unknown by allowing the natural sounds come through them during the event. Participants also took part using their own natural sound to blend with the energies of all present. HoniB and Sahffi offered this beautiful collaborative and instinctual sound healing experience in DC, VA, and MD in 2016 & 2017.

  • Collaborative Medicine Music Performances, 2015-present

    Sahffi has met many healing musicians on their healing musical journey and has been asked to collaborate on several projects, collaborations, and concerts. Here is Sahffi performing with Colombian musician Harold Henao (L) at the LoveLight Festival in 2016.

  • Peace Circle Songs & Sing-Along, 2016

    Sahffi created a workshop entitled "Peace Circle Songs & Sing-Along," presented at KarmaFest in 2016. Following Sahffi's lead and a lyric booklet, participants sang along to popular and original songs for peace. In 2023, Sahffi began leading "Song Circle Shares," where musicians and friends will gather to "Play, Pass, or Request" a healing song to share. Sahffi also currently leads "Illuminate Your Connection Songbook Sing-Alongs" using their new 2024 "Illuminate Your Connection" songbook.

Sharing Their Knowledge: Vocal Coach (2012 - present) & Teaching Artist (2006 - present)

Sahffi (they/she) is honored to share the art and joy of singing through their work as a vocal coach, and is also proud of their work as a teaching artist. Teaching is a natural extension of Sahffi's musical journey, as they have had (and has!) wonderful teachers along their musical journey.

Currently Sahffi enjoys a full roster of private vocal students within their online studio, "Vocalize Your Soul." Teaching their own "Vocal Ladder" method, Sahffi teaches their students how to use their bodies as instruments to find their authentic voice.

Sahffi is also a well-loved and respected teaching artist, beginning their teaching artist career in 2006. Sahffi has been found performing, teaching, writing songs, leading choirs, and more in classrooms, libraries, festivals, and other varied environments. Some of Sahffi's past teaching artist engagements have been with the Bright StARTS Program in Baltimore City; classes and workshops in Voice and Guitar for adults and children at CCBC, Baltimore School for Independent Learners, Baltimore County Public Libraries, and more; Music workshops in pre-school, library and homeschool settings; Weekly music classes at The Watson Hall Montessori School, Naptown Sings & Plays, and Little Rockers; and Week-long songwriting residencies with kids in DC and Virginia through Kid Pan Alley, a Grammy-nominated and Parent Choice Award winning program.

Sahffi has also offered Vocal and Guitar Workshops for children and adults, at such Baltimore venues as The Movement Lab, The Living Well, The Creative Alliance, Eastern Unity Regional Conference, and Patterson Park Public Charter School. In 2023 Sahffi offered mentorship for the Amp UP! Program of Dance and Bmore in Baltimore City.

  • Sahffi's Private Voice Studio, 2013 - present

    Sahffi (they/she) started their musical life as a French horn player and didn't start singing until they were in their early 20's. Sahffi sees the body as an instrument and knows how scary it is to use and find your voice. To help this process, Sahffi came up with their own method of teaching called the "Vocal Ladder," guiding their students in exploring how their body works as an instrument and how singing can move energy for emotional healing. Link:

  • Amp UP! Mentor for 2023 & 2024

    Sahffi was honored to be invited to be a Vocal Coach Mentor as part of the Amp UP! Program hosted at the Motor House in Baltimore City.

  • Online Music Classes for Pre-K Kids

    Sahffi created their "Songs with Sahffi" YouTube channel when the pandemic shutdown happened in March, 2020. Originally designed as classes for her pre-k students at the Watson Hall Montessori School, now these classes have been viewed by pre-k kids from all over the country. Musical themes are taught using puppets, visuals, songs, and more. Sahffi is grateful that their teaching artist days have been recorded for posterity in the style of their favorite children's television performer, Mr. Fred Rogers!

  • Vocal Ladder Workshops, 2016 - present

    Sahffi offers their "Vocal Ladder" Workshops for groups interested in learning about their unique method of teaching how the body works as an instrument and moves energy for healing in the body. They have offered their workshop for the Eastern Unity Regional Conference (2019, pictured), at The Creative Alliance, at the Maryland Arts Summit presented by the Maryland Citizens for the Arts, online, and at schools, libraries, and in their own studio. Sahffi continued to offer their workshop and is currently working with a Booking Agent to book the "Vocal Ladder Workshop" in Universities and Colleges around the country.

  • Sahffi's student Lily Mitchell performs original song, Mr. Inconsistent, 2014.

    Sahffi's Student Lily Mitchell has her own YouTube channel with her original songs. Here she is performing "Mr. Inconsistent," one of many songs she has worked with in lessons with Sahffi. Now a graduate of college, Lily is still writing and recording her own music. In 2019 Sahffi ran into Lily at a local Target. Lily expressed gratitude to Sahffi for teaching her the basics of singing and theory, as it gave her an edge over the other kids in her college program. (Sahffi is tearing up just remembering that exchange!)

  • Children's School Workshops and Performances, 2006 - 2020.

    From 2006 - 2020, Sahffi was often hired to run workshops as a music teaching artist for schools and festivals, including day care centers, the Bright StARTS program through BOPA, and Artscape. She also performed as a children's performer for parties and schools. Here she is at Westowne Elementary in 2014 for their "Fall Festival."

  • Kid Pan Alley, 2015 - 2019.

    Sahffi joined Kid Pan Alley ( as a teaching artist in 2015. Paul Reisler, founder of Kid Pan Alley, has dedicated the last 16 years to bring collaborative songwriting into the classroom, so children are not just consumers of music, but also creators. With a Grammy nomination, a Parent's Choice Award and over 2,700 completed songs written with over 40,000 children, Sahffi is honored to have been a part of this excellent organization. Sahffi is shown here with Kid Pan Alley founder Paul Reisler and members of the National Symphony Orchestra helping to arrange the songs of the children of Savoy Elementary, in Jan., 2017.

  • Summer Programs with Baltimore City, 2013-2018

    Sahffi taught music at summer programs in Baltimore City for 5 summers, from 2013-2018. In her classes, kids learned to sing as a choir and write songs as a group. Learning about the four different instrument families, they even get a chance to play instruments such as djembe (pictured,) violin, ukelele, guitar, tambourine, and other percussion instruments. They also get a chance to hear the French horn and different flutes from around the world.

  • "The Hiding Tiger" by Sahffi & Kids at SuperKids Camp, 2018

    From 2015 - 2018 Sahffi was a music and songwriting arts teacher for the SuperKids summer camp in Baltimore City, Maryland. Sahffi co-wrote songs with many groups of kids with the focus on topics that relate to the Earth, Animals, and Nature. Here are "The Tough Tigers" with Sahffi in 2018 singing their group co-written song, "The Hiding Tiger."

  • Beginning Guitar Classes, 2011 - 2018.

    Sahffi taught guitar classes for children in after-school program settings, as a private beginning guitar teacher, and as a beginning guitar teacher at CCBC (Catonsville Community College). Here she is with her after-school guitar class sponsored by BTEC at Bay Brook Elementary in 2014.

House Music Singer & Collaborations, 2010 - present

Sahffi Lynne is not just an acoustic musician known for their healing music around the world, they also have collaborated with many house music producers over the years. Sahffi & N'Dinga Gaba's song, "Summer Breeze," hit #1 in 2010 in South Africa and Botswana. A recent 2023 remix by FKA Mash landed the song back on the charts at #12 and hit over a million streams on Spotify. Sahffi has also collaborated with their house music band "t3N," Salvatore Agrosi of Italy, Patrick Khuzwayo of Zimbabwe, and Mike Grove of the UK. Sahffi collaborated with many other house music producers from all over the world on their 2012 Album called, "Expectations Revisited." Sahffi's most recent release, "Remember that Summer," with N'Dinga Gaba (C.A.R./American), was released in 2023 to commemorate their 2010 hit, "Summer Breeze."

  • "Remember that Summer" by Sahffi & N'Dinga Gaba

    Sahffi & N'Dinga Gaba wrote "Remember that Summer" as a 10-year anniversary song to celebrate their #1 hit, "Summer Breeze," in 2010. The shut down and pandemic kept the song from being released until 2023. The song was the "Pick of the Week" for the popular "Spirit of House" review website when the song was released. The review read, "Without any questions, "Remember that summer" oozing with the amazing tempting vocals of Sahffi, sublime piano, mellifluous chord progressions and gentle yet intriguing rhythms is sure to send shivers down your spine."

  • Spirit of House Review for "Remember that Summer"

    Spirit of House, a popular and trusted review site for house music, gave a wonderful review of Sahffi & N'Dinga Gaba's new 2023 release, "Remember that Summer." It reads, "After a long hiatus, Global Diplomacy Productions return in proper style with "Remember that summer" by N'Dinga Gaba and Sahffi, the follow up to the 2010 summer anthem "Summer breeze". Without any questions, "Remember that summer" oozing with the amazing tempting vocals of Sahffi, sublime piano, mellifluous chord progressions and gentle yet intriguing rhythms is sure to send shivers down your spine." Link:

  • 2023 Remix of "Summer Breeze" hits 1 million streams

    In 2023, FKA Mash remixed Sahffi & N'Dinga Gaba's 2010 #1 hit, "Summer Breeze," and reignited love for this song. The song hit #12 on the South African charts and garnered over 1 million streams on Spotify.

  • "Summer Breeze" Remix by FKA Mash

    FKA Mash's 2023 remix of Sahffi & N'Dinga Gaba's #1 hit in 2010, "Summer Breeze," put the song back on the charts in South Africa at #12. The song received over 1 million plays on Spotify.

  • "Live 4 Now" by t3N

    t3N was a live house music band that included singers Sahffi, Marc Avon Evans, and Mosno Al-Moseeki, produced by N'Dinga Gaba. Their single, "Live 4 Now," released on Foliage Records, debuted at #1 on Traxsource in 2011.

  • Sahffi's House Music Album, "Expectations Revisited"

    "Expectations Revisited" is Sahffi's 2012 fourth album, a remix album of Sahffi's third album, "Expectations." "Expectations" was a grand experiment, giving 10 different songs to 10 different producers from the USA with no expectations on how they were to be produced. The result was a colorful 'mix tape' showing off Sahffi's songwriting range. "Expectations Revisited" is the same concept, but this time featuring producers from around the world: Italy, South Africa, Zimbabwe, the UK & the USA. All of Sahffi's songs from "Expectations" have been remixed, with an added bonus, a NEW TRACK from Sahffi & Mike Grove, "Could You." How does the world hear Sahffi? Listen with no expectations here:

  • "In My Dreams" with Room 806

    Sahffi & Patrick Khuzwayo of Zimbabwe's 2015 collaboration, "In My Dreams," was remixed by several producers in 2016.

  • "In My Dreams" Qiuo Remix

    Listen to "In My Dreams" Qiuo Remix, 2016.

  • Sahffi's collaboration with Salvatore Agrosi of Italy

    Sahffi collaborated with Italian house music producer Salvatore Agrosi in 2013 with their popular song, "I Want You," with multiple remixes available.

  • "I Want You" Remix, 2013

    Sahffi & Salvatore Agrosi's song "I Want You" was remixed by D-Malice in 2013.

Awards, Recognitions, & Interviews

Sahffi (they/she) has been interviewed and recognized often in their musical career. Sahffi received an Individual Artist Award from the Maryland State Arts Council in 2015 and was a Baker Artist Nominee in 2022. Sahffi has garnered much press in the last 14 years of their full-time musical career. Click through to find articles on Sahffi's life as a full-time medicine musician and mom, on their multiple musical projects, and their sixth album, "Pulse of Evolution," (released 10/22) and new crowd-funded video for their song, "Let the Healing Begin," (released 12/22).

  • Posi Award 2023

    Sahffi received two 2023 Posi Awards for their song and video, "Let the Healing Begin." One Posi Award was given for the song itself under the category of "Personal Development" and one for the video for the song.

  • Modern Mystery's Review of Sahffi's New Video, Jan., 2023

    Sahffi's new video for their song, "Let the Healing Begin," is reviewed by Modern Mystery. From the review: "The video is a beautiful piece that complements the single perfectly. Everything about it, from the people to the setting to the action is stunning. Even as we watched it, it provided catharsis as a viewer, almost like we felt seen." Link:

  • V13 Premiere Article for Sahffi's New Video, Dec., 2022

    V13 released a premiere article on the day Sahffi's official video for "Let the Healing Begin" was released, on Dec. 15, 2022. From the article: " might also think of it as medicinal, something good for the soul and the heart..."Link:

  • The IndieSource, Dec. 2022

    The IndieSource, the fastest-growing independent news source in the world, featured an article on Sahffi's new official video for "Let the Healing Begin" in Dec., 2022. Link:

  • VoyageBaltimore, Nov., 2022

    Sahffi (she/they) is featured in VoyageBaltimore, telling Baltimore's most inspiring stories, in Nov., 2022. Link:

  • The Peabody Post, May, 2020

    Sahffi's alma mater, the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University, has recognized their medicine music career in their online newsletter, The Peabody Post, on several occasions. (Link to article pictured: Sahffi's work, online medicine music meditations, and sixth album "Pulse of Evolution" have also been recognized in Peabody's quarterly alumni magazine in issues from Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Fall 2021.

  • Americana Highways, May, 2020

    Sahffi was featured in Americana Highways in May, 2020, along with other national acts and healing musicians Trevor Hall and Rising Appalachia. Link:

  • Nominated for a Baltimore Crown Award, 2015.

    Sahffi was honored to be nominated for a Baltimore Crown Award in 2015 for their work with the community leading the "Song4Unity" project. Although they did not win the award, Sahffi was proud of one of the 14 Song4Unity co-writers, Quinton Randall (pictured on left), on his win!

  • Anywhere the Needle Drops- Interview for #Song4Unity, 2016

    Sahffi joins Justin in the Red Chuck Studio in 2016 to discuss the latest in her music career, most especially the #Song4Unity project to unite Baltimore and raise funds for charity. Link:

  • Sahffi featured in The Savvy Music Teacher, Oxford University Press, 2015.

    Sahffi was one of the featured private music teachers in "The Savvy Music Teacher" by David Cutler, released by The Oxford University Press in 2015. This “blueprint for maximizing income and inpact” is designed for private music teachers and interviews many private teachers from around the country. Link:

Studio Musician, 2010 - present

Sahffi (they/she) is known for their powerful and unique voice, as well as their vocal harmonies and instrumental work. Sahffi has been asked to be featured on many albums as an artist, writer, and collaborator, and continues to be hired often as a studio musician. 

  • Some of the albums featuring Sahffi
    Here are just some of the many albums over the years featuring Sahffi, from top left: "Whispering Low" by Craig Cummings, "Delayed Gratification" by Ken Gutberlet, "Philosopher Dogs" by Georgie Jessup, Self-titled "John Hancock & Irish Whiskey," "Novella" by Mosno Al-Moseeki, "Adventures in Loveland" by Woody Lissauer, "In Late Bloom" by David Ross, "A Guest in the House of Wind" by Woody Lissauer, and "My Life" by Janice B.
  • Bliss/Begin by John Seay, ft. Sahffi Lynne

    Sahffi Lynne is featured as a lead vocalist on John Seay's song, "Bliss/Begin," recorded in 2023.

  • Horn Part for "No Kingdom" by Mosno Al-Moseeki
    Sahffi has also written and arranged instrumental tracks for studio work. Here is her arrangement and performance of the French horn part for the song "No Kingdom" by Mosno Al-Moseeki, featured in the award-winning independent film, "Faisel Goes West."
  • "Layer Cake" by David Ross, ft. Sahffi Lynne
    Sahffi was asked by David Ross (aka "Native Son," 1/2 of The 5th L), to collaborate on his song "Layer Cake" from his album "In Late Bloom," released in 2012. The vocal feature in this song was written and performed by Sahffi. (Listen in at :22 and 2:18.)
  • "I Remember" by Janice B., ft. Sahffi Lynne
    Sahffi is featured on acoustic guitar and background vocals on "I Remember" by Janice B., off of her album, "My Life."
  • "Sirocco" by Woody Lissauer, ft. Sahffi Lynne
    "Sirocco" by Woody Lissauer, featuring the vocalizations of Sahffi Lynne, from the album "A Guest in the House of the Wind," released in 2015. The song won a Silver Award in the Instrumental Category in the 32nd Mid-Atlantic Song Contest Award.
  • "Whispering Low" by Craig Cummings, ft. Sahffi Lynne
    Although Sahffi has a degree from Peabody and works in acoustic, children's and house music, she grew up singing around the campfire with her family, so she holds a special place in her heart for country music. She was very honored to be hired to sing background vocals on Craig Cummings' 2011 release, "Whispering Low." Here is the title track of that album. (Listen in at :35.)
  • "Land & Sea" by Mosno Al-Moseeki, ft. Sahffi Lynne
    Sometimes Sahffi is asked to take a bigger role in a project, as in Mosno Al-Moseeki's album, "Novella." This album is presented as a fairy tale story, based on Mosno's own immigration story, featuring "Desert Boy" and "Ocean Girl." Sahffi sings the role of "Ocean Girl," here describing how the characters met. (Listen in at :55.)
  • "Lucid" by Mosno Al-Moseeki, arranged and featuring Sahffi Lynne
    Again from Mosno Al-Moseeki's album, "Novella," this song, "Lucid," features Sahffi singing the role of "Ocean Girl." Sahffi also arranged the music for the harp.
  • "Geronimo" by Georgie Jessup, ft. Sahffi Lynne
    Sahffi is featured on background vocals on the powerful song "Geronimo" by Georgie Jessup, off of her album "Philosopher Dogs," released in 2014. (Listen in at :30.)

Musical Projects, 2010 - present

Over the past 15 years Sahffi has been involved in multiple unique collaborations and projects, from a duo with a slam poet, to a house music band, to international music groups, to medicine music collaborations. Discover some of Sahffi's collaborations and musical projects below.

  • Music for Maui Compilation Album

    Sahffi was honored to be invited to include their song, "Let the Healing Begin," on this 2023 compilation album to raise money for Maui in partnership with Mana Mentors. Link:

  • Tiny Desk Contest Entry 2020
    Sahffi & Their Family Band have been performing and recording together for the past 20 years. (And Sahffi has been singing with their sister their whole life!) Sahffi feels very blessed to perform music with her family, and in their own words: "I love the way our performance is so intuitive, so easy; I feel spoiled to perform with not only such great musicians, yet also with my best friends and family!" Here is their 2020 Tiny Desk Entry featuring "Live in Love," from Sahffi's sixth album, "Pulse of Evolution."
  • "Illumina," performed by OverGlow in Peru, July, 2018
    Sahffi has performed with their medicine music band at festivals, yoga studios, spiritual centers, and ceremonies, around the country and in Peru. Here they are in 2018 performing a beautiful medicine song, "Illumina," in Pisac, Peru, at El Festival de Musica Medicina.
  • Member of The Greek Nubian Collective, 2013 - 2016.
    The Greek Nubian Collective is a musical group of cultural proportions! Brought together by Sahffi Lynne for an Artscape performance in 2013. The group continued to perform at numerous venues and festivals in Maryland, DC, and New York City until 2016. Greek native and international instrumentalist, Spyros Koliavsilis, joined forces with Sudanese Nubian artist Mosno Al-Moseeki to take audiences on a musical journey across the Mediterranean as they sang songs from Greece and Nubia. Their performances allowed their audiences to see and hear a range of exotic and beautiful instruments like the Kamanes, the Oud, the Tar, even Guitar & Djembe. You will hear songs in Greek, Nubian, Arabic, and English, all blended together to create cultural harmony through music. The Collective is: Spyros Koliavasilis (Greek/Mid-East Instruments & Vocals) Mosno Al-Moseeki (Tar/Guitar & Vocals) Sahffi Lynne (Djembe/Guitar & Vocals) Jonathan Fell (Djembe/Tabla & Percussion)
  • Greek Nubian Collective at Artscape, 2013.
    Sahffi performs with her group the Greek Nubian Collective at Artscape, 2013. Other members include Spyros Koliavasillis, Mosno Al-Moseeki and Jonathan Fell.
  • Mother Ruckus, 2010-12
    Mother Ruckus was a collaborative duo of International Slam Poet Champion Gayle Danley and International Singer/Songwriter Sahffi Lynne. The two combined their strong voices to create and interweaving of music and slam poetry presented in a unique style. Causing a ruckus, these two moms brought down the house at several concerts and poetry festivals.
  • Mother Ruckus, "Leave it all behind"
    Mother Ruckus (Gayle Danley & Sahffi Lynne) perform their original slam poetry & music collaboration, "Leave It All Behind," at the 2012 HoCoPoLitSo Blackbird Poetry Festival on April 26, 2012.
  • goatFISH performances, 2010 - 2019.
    goatFISH (Sahffi Lynne & Mosno Al-Moseeki) performed regularly in the Mid-Atlantic region at venues, festivals, private parties, and house concerts from New York to Florida. They have opened up for Rusted Root, Carbon Leaf, Matthew Santos and Preach Freedom. Their album, "The Gift of the Nymph," was released in 2012.
  • t3N, 2010 - 2012.
    Sahffi was a member of the house music group "t3N," which included N'Dinga Gaba, Mosno Al-Moseeki, Marc Avon Evans and Sahffi Lynne, from 2010-2012. Sahffi started the band after being inspired by the "Playing for Change" project, where different genres and people get together to create music. In this group, folk, R&B, house music and middle eastern music come together to create a new sound. The group was very popular, and landed a deal with Foliage Records who helped make their single, "Live 4 Now," a #1 download on the house music site Traxsource. The group was also featured at the Winter Music Conference in Miami in 2011 and performed often in the Baltimore/DC area.
  • Sahffi's first original song: "Past Lives" with Latex Red, Oct. 1996, on "Sessions"
    Sahffi wrote their first song in 1996 after joining the rock band, "Latex Red," a popular and local-award winning band at the time. In Sahffi's words: "I was really enjoying my time with the band, enjoying a new-found freedom in music I hadn't experienced in classical music. I had never written a song, yet I figured I'd take a shot at it. Once the song was finished, I remember literally hearing angels sing! I was thrilled to have found a new avenue for creative expression!" Above is Sahffi's first television appearance singing their very first original song "Past Lives" with Latex Red in 1996.

Founder of the "#Song4Unity" & "Kids Song4Unity" Projects, 2015 & 2016

“#Song4Unity” was a song project envisioned, created, organized, and led by Sahffi Lynne (they/she). The concept came to Sahffi after their first trip to Peru, when one of the residents of the Andes mountains was sharing food with their group and said, "we don't have much in the mountains, but what we have, we share." Coming home to her city in turmoil after Freddie Gray's murder, Sahffi wanted to give back to their city, but knew they didn't have much to give financially. Inspired by their experience in Peru, Sahffi realized what they had was music, a skill to lead group songwriting, and many connections to different musical communities in Baltimore through their background in classical music, their work with house and R&B musicians, as well as their own acoustic music community. To share what Sahffi had in their toolbox, a "We Are the World"-type project was born in their mind.

The concept was to have a diverse musician community come together to write a song to unite the hearts and minds of their communities in Baltimore through music. Proceeds of the song would go to an organization working towards unity, and it was decided to choose #SaveADopeBoy, a grassroots organization founded by the late Derrick "OOH" Jones of Brownfish. (Over $500 was raised for the organization!)

The project began in July, 2015, with a call on Facebook from Sahffi with a simple request; who would be interested in being a part of such a project? With over 125 responses, Sahffi began the process in August, 2015, with a volunteer group of 15 multi-genre musicians (rap, R&B, folk, indie, rock). The Living Well (a community space in the city) kindly donated two nights to the writing project. A producer and recording engineer at 430 Entertainment Studios came forward to offer his services for the song. In the end, over 50 musicians, producers, photographers, artists, and talent came together to conspire to release "Let's Make It Happen" in April, 2016, to coincide with the anniversary of the April, 2015, Baltimore uprising. All participants donated their time, talent, and in some cases finances. The song was also performed live by several members in rallies and festivals around the city in 2016.

Inspired by the project, Sahffi's child, at the time in middle school, encouraged a “Kids #Song4Unity” at his school, Catonsville Middle. Sahffi visited his choir's class and in two sessions co-wrote "All Sorts of People" with the students and the choir director, Mr. Tom Dickerson. The choir performed their original song at their end-of-year choir concert in May, 2016. Watch the kids sing their unity song, "All Sorts of People," here:

  • The Baltimore #Song4Unity Project
    The Baltimore #Song4Unity Project, led by Sahffi Lynne, was a group of over 50 diverse musicians from Baltimore that came together to write, record and perform a song for unity for our communities. "Let's Make It Happen" was released in April, 2016, and raised over $500 for #SaveADopeBoy, a grassroots organization in Baltimore helping our inner city youth. The song was performed live at several rallies around Baltimore city by the group.
  • Video for"Let's Make It Happen" from the Baltimore #Song4Unity
    Please enjoy the “making of” video for the song "Let's Make It Happen” from The Baltimore #Song4Unity Project. Sahffi envisioned and led this 9-month project to promote unity in our Baltimore communities in 2015-2016. Over 50 musically-varied and diverse volunteer Baltimore songwriters, musicians, and producers participated in the project. The song was released in April, 2016 and was performed live at rallies and festivals around the city. The downloads raised funds for #SaveADopeBoy, a grassroots organization helping Baltimore City youth founded by the late Derrick "OOH" Jones.
  • Original Artwork for the Project by Edward Williams, Aug. 2015.
    Many musicians, photographers, artists and community leaders are coming together and donating their time and talent for this new project to create a powerful song for unity. In the first call out for interest, Sahffi Lynne received this beautiful digital artwork from Edward Williams for the project.
  • First Songwriting Session, Sept., 2015.
    The first Baltimore #Song4Unity songwriting session included songwriters from varied genres, including Black Root, Sahffi Lynne, Mosno Al-Moseeki, Teporah, Quinton Randall, Andrew Walen and Sonja Rustein. All songwriters are donating their talent, and our space where the song was created, The Living Well, was also donated.
  • Second Songwriting Session, Sept., 2015.
    Our second songwriting session at The Living Well in Baltimore concentrated on lyrics for this powerful song for unity for Baltimore. "We can unite our hearts with love!"
  • The Baltimore Song4Unity Choir, Nov., 2015.
    Talented Baltimore singers came together in November to rehearse the song in preparation for the studio in early, 2016. Photo by Bonnie Schupp.
  • The Baltimore Song4Unity Choir Rehearsal, Nov., 2015.
    Talented Baltimore singers came together in November to rehearse the song in preparation for the studio in early 2016.
  • #Song4Unity Premiere, April 2016
    The Baltimore #Song4Unity Project premiered their song, "Let's Make It Happen," with a live chorus and band at the Sandtown Festival in April, 2016. The project members also sang their song at the Baltimore Uprising Anniversary Rally, HonFest and KarmaFest of that same year. (Photo by Bonnie Schupp.)
  • #Song4Unity Art Guitar
    The Baltimore #Song4Unity Project inspired artist Jarrod Jacobs to create a #Song4Unity art guitar, featuring the signatures of the co-writers when they were in the studio.
  • Song4Unity Jr.- "All Sorts of People"
    Inspired by the Baltimore #Song4Unity project, Sahffi's child encouraged a #Song4Unity Jr. project. After two songwriting sessions with the Catonsville Middle School 6th grade choir with Sahffi, "All Sorts of People" was written. The original song was performed at their 2016 end-of-year choir concert by the choir and their director, Mr. Tom Dickerson.

Member of goatFISH, 2010 - 2019

Sahffi (Neo-Alternative Folk Artist from Maryland) and Mosno (Desert Eclectic Artist from Sudan) teamed up for 9 years to deliver a vibrant acoustic performance, featuring vocal harmonies, guitars, and African percussion, from 2010-2019.

This duo brought to the stage over 20 years of combined performance experience. Show highlights included opening slots for legendary band Rusted Root, Grammy-nominated Mathew Santos, and award-winning band Carbon Leaf.

For their 9 years of existence, goatFISH performed up and down the Mid-Atlantic region in venues, festivals, house concerts, and online shows from Baltimore to New York, Philly, and DC, as well as down to Atlanta, Asheville, and Miami. Their album, "The Gift of the Nymph," was released in 2012.

  • goatFISH performances, 2010 - 2019.
    goatFISH (Sahffi Lynne & Mosno Al-Moseeki) performed regularly in the Mid-Atlantic region at venues, festivals, private parties, and house concerts from New York to Florida. They have opened up for Rusted Root, Carbon Leaf, Matthew Santos and Preach Freedom. Their album, "The Gift of the Nymph," was released in 2012.
  • goatFISH's song used in promo video for Downtown Partnership, 2012.
    goatFISH's song "Nature's Mother," off of their album "The Gift of the Nymph," was used as the backing track for a video highlighting a mural installation at Pratt & Light Streets on Monday, Aug. 13, 2012. Baltimore Blitz chalk mural by Grant Lindahl. Video and editing by Matthew Thompson. Music by goatFISH. This project was produced and sponsored by Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • Video for NPR Music's Tiny Desk Contest, 2014.
    goatFISH recorded "Land and Sea" on January 14, 2015, and submitted the video to NPR Music's "Tiny Desk" contest.
  • goatFISH's EP, The Gift of The Nymph, 2012.
    goatFISH released a 6-song album entitled "The Gift of the Nymph" in 2012. The EP featured "Nature's Mother," a song featured in a promotional video for The Downtown Partnership of Baltimore. Link:
  • goatFISH in DC for Voice of America appearance, Sept. 2012.
    Sahffi (Neo-Alternative Folk Artist from Maryland) and Mosno (Eclectic Desert Rocker from Sudan) team up to deliver a vibrant acoustic performance, featuring vocal harmonies, guitars and African percussion, bridging the gap between east and west. Filmed outside Capitol Hill by J.Mvunganyi after appearing at Voice of America in Sept., 2012.
  • goatFISH on Balcony TV, NYC, July 2012.
    goatFISH appears on Balcony TV in New York City, performing on a balcony overlooking Times Square. They perform their original song, "Nature's Mother." July, 2012.
  • goatFISH on SteelStacks Live!, 2012.
    Jon Lunger interviews goatFISH for SteelStacks Live! in Feb., 2012. They sit down and talk to Jon about how they came together and how they got their name. Then afterwards, they perform Sahffi's original song, "Follow."
  • I Believe by goatFISH, off of their album The Gift of the Nymphh, 2012.
    Sahffi & Mosno co-wrote the song "I Believe" featuring Sahffi on vocals. The song is off of their album, "The Gift of the Nymph," released in 2012.
  • "Mountain," by goatFISH, c. 2016.
    In February, 2016, goatFISH (Sahffi & Mosno) joined FAWM, the February Album Writing Month ( The challenge is to write an album in a month alongside a collaborative community of musicians worldwide. This co-written song, "Mountain," features poetry and electronic music from the duo.
  • Demo of Wild Autumn, Dec., 2014.
    This is a demo of Sahffi & Mosno's unreleased cowritten song, "Wild Autumn," c. goatFISH, 2014.