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About Ryan

Ryan Hammond is a new media artist living and working in Baltimore MD.  Their work explores the myth of scientific objectivity by focusing on the often unseen interplay between scientific advancement and cultural production, technological progress and desire. They are currently working at the Baltimore Underground Science Space as a lab manager as well as on independent research projects. They received a BFA from MICA in spring 2012 with a minor in sustainability and social practice.Most recently... more

In Eachother We Trust

Set of wooden stamps made to print the words, 'In Each other We Trust' atop the phrase, 'In God We Trust.'

  • In Eachother We Trust

    Set of wooden stamps made to print the words, 'In Each other We Trust' atop the phrase, 'In God We Trust.'
  • In Eachother We Trust

    Set of wooden stamps made to print the words, 'In Each other We Trust' atop the phrase, 'In God We Trust.'
  • In Eachother We Trust

    Set of wooden stamps made to print the words, 'In Each other We Trust' atop the phrase, 'In God We Trust.'

EOE Installation and Publication

[Everyone Owns Everything | Everything Owns Everyone]
is the title for an ongoing series of installations and publications that document investigations into consciousness, control, and subjectivity.

The full publication can be read and downloaded at:

  • Installation View

    Another view showing the projection of Katy Perry's military propaganda video, "Part of Me."
  • Installation View

    Installation view showing the live feeds from the usb mics and a projection of Katy Perry's military propaganda video "Part of Me."
  • Methods of Delivery

    The live feed from the usb microscopes affixed to the screens displaying Barack Obama and Samuel L Jackson projected on a hanging screen. In the back corner on the floor sits a stack of printed studies in which attractiveness ratings of candidates running for political office were successfully used to predict election outcomes.
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Diagram

    A diagram of the electromagnetic spectrum ranging from the smallest wavelength (Radio Waves) to the longest wavelength (gamma rays). The diagram highlights the portion that human beings can percieve as visible light.
  • EOE Installation and Publication

    Publication Closeup
  • Publication Installation

    The EOE publication printed and displayed alongside a projection of a diagam of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Methods of Delivery

    Video of Samuel L Jackson performing next to Video of Barack Obama performing, a usb microscope enlarges the pixels of each screen and projects them to the opposing wall.

in flux

A multimedia installation in In/Flux gallery, Baltimore MD. Two works focussed on examining value systems foundational to popular cultural and scientific production. For more context and detailed description see the PDF.

The Mutated Shelter Project

MSP is an interactive database archiving mutations of an 8ft x 10ft x 10ft wooden stick frame structure, and a series of events and performances centered around the structure. To view the archive, read submission guidelines, or read the conceptual background go to:

In Between Utopia and Dystopia

In winter 2014 I worked with Jennifer Becker and a group of 50 high school seniors at Western High School to develop an exhibition of critical design works. We began by discussing ideas of utopia and dystopia and common themes of technoforecasting. We mapped politics, tv-shows, movies, music videos, books, and current events onto a spectrum of utopia and dystopia. This process allowed us to visualize the cultural dialogue we would be contributing to.

We then began individual research into, "borderland sciences" -or- emerging sciences that are still heavily theoretical, and have the potential to radically change the way we live in the future. Neuroscience, Artificial intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, and Quantum Physics are all areas we explored. After researching and developing a concept, students used 3D modeling software to model their product designs, which were then rendered photorealistically by Next Limit Technologies.

Thanks to Matt Barinholtz of FutureMakers, Young Audiences of Maryland, Next Limit Technologies, Jennifer Becker, and The incredible young women of Western High School for making this project happen.

visit the link to view the curriculum and artwork:

Citizen Geoengineering

Citizen Geoengineering was a workshop funded by NRG Corporation teaching families about geoengineering through creative play and political activism. The focus was on learning about biochar and it's potential to remediate the causes and the effects of climate change. Families got a chance to draw with biochar chalk, interact with information visualizations, and customize and sign letters to local politicians.

Open Source Gendercodes

Open Source Gendercodes (OSG) is a project focused on developing an open source platform for the production of sex hormones. The goal is to make sex hormones more accessible to queers, trans people, gender-hackers, and anyone who could benefit from more affordable access. This work is a protest against the pathologization of gender variation and a proposal for an alternative to the privatized pharmaceutical industry.

I recently received an opportunity to go to Pelling Lab in Ottawa Canada where I would have access to training, a network of specialists, and materials//equipment//space. I am running a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money to pay my basic living expenses during this year:

Open Source Gendercodes has been written up by Vice News Motherboard:

And in the International Business Times:

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