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Work Samples

Crouse,R - #1 Chesapeake City.jpg

Illustration of Chesapeake City, Maryland

Ma & Pa Trail

Landscape Painting

Crouse,R - #2 Outdoor Pianists.jpg

Illustration of Piano players in California Landscape

Maine Oceanscape

Acrylic on Canvas of Maine landscape. Courtesy of Hunter S. Crouse


About Ron

Harford County

Ron Crouse's picture
Primarily an Illustrator, Ron is a graduate of Maryland Institute, College of Art, and has been creating art for several decades. He has worked in the retail field in Advertising, Marketing and Operations. His background also includes Promotions, Marketing Research and Screenprinting.

Pen & Ink with Color

This style includes mostly landscapes with some portraiture mixed in.


Various portraits using Pen & Ink with color

Covid Era Paintings

Acrylic on canvas paintings from the Covid Era.

More Paintings

2020 and 2021 Acrylic Paintings

'21/'22 Paintings