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Masked figure seated in a brick tower alone surrounded by lush foliage
Isolation, watercolor on paper, 2020. 8X10"

Cajun Encounters

An alligator in a burgundy suit juggling various objects
Cajun Encounters, watercolor on paper, 2020. 8X10"

Pump Up the Jams

Masked figures dance around skulls in a jungle setting, while another creates cave paintings in the background
Pump Up the Jams, watercolor on paper, 2020. 9X12"

Always Got Something to Say

Two flamingoes stand in a pool within a lush and vibrant jungle
Always Got Something to Say, watercolor and gouache on paper, 2021. 5X7"


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Howard County

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Rochelle Abramowitz is a Baltimore area artist who weaves open-ended narratives through her watercolor paintings and mixed media dioramas. Fascinated by the behaviors that make us fundamentally human, such as dance, art, music, and violence, her work explores concepts and themes inherent to humanity, across time and place. Inspired by the convergent evolution of mask-making across cultures, as well as the collection of Haitian paintings of lush jungles in her childhood home, Abramowitz’s masked... more


Watercolor, or watercolor and gouache works on paper created from 2020-present

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