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Restful Increase

The still life -- sometimes symbolic, sometimes not, sometimes just for the sheer beauty of an object, and sometimes for the challenge. Whatever the reason, they're always a delight, a feast for the eyes.

The Way of Venice

Italy -- Even though I have only visited Italy once, each painting carries with it the memories created from that profound experience. Memories that defy the passage of time.

View from my Balcony During a Rain

Plein Air -- You set out for the day with the intention of capturing a scene with paint. You survey your surroundings with an artist's eye and spot what has the promise of becoming a painting. After editing the scene in your mind, you begin to sketch and apply the paint, always mindful of the changing light. Quick stokes are created as you do your best to capture the most important features of what you see. Your heart, eye and hand all merge and a painting is born.


Palette Knife -- Thick with paint, raw with emotion, pure and simple.


About Robin

Harford County

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I was born to become an artist.  I discovered my ability to draw at the age of 6, embracing oil painting in my late teens.  Realizing my ability as a gift from GOD, a quote from Leonardo da Vinci describes my experience when creating art, "Where the Spirit does not work with the hand there is no art."  With no formal training, my artwork is created from within. Born and raised in Baltimore County, I now reside in Harford County, MD. My Italian roots run deep, so when not working on... more

Still Life with Fruits

Always classical, always sumptuous, always a delight!

Still Life with Flowers

To capture the essence of a flower with all it's intricate beauty and form, what a challenge!

  • Rose of Sharon in August.jpg

    The Rose of Sharon, how quickly they wilt and curl once cut! It took several cuttings to finally capture these beauties but it was worth it!
  • Borrowed Flowers, Borrowed Vase.jpg

    My neighbor was trimming his flower bush of these delicate beauties. I asked to have his cuttings and put them in a borrowed vase from my sister. They seemed to be perfectly matched to the neutral background.
  • Artwalk Bouquet.jpg

    Painted during the Art Walk in Havre de Grace MD while demonstrating my artwork within The Artists Emporium Gallery.
  • Lilacs in Copper.JPG

    The heady fragrance of lilacs set in a copper bowl
  • Pansies in Tiled Bowl.JPG

    Two times the sweet challenge of this painting. #1 to delicately paint the simple fresh face of the pansy, #2 to paint the broken tiles making up the bowl.
  • Buttercups and Forget me Nots.jpg

    Early spring flowers picked from among the grass and put into a blue flea market vase. How simply beautiful!
  • Morning Lilacs.jpg

    Fresh lilacs cut from my garden on an early spring morning.
  • Pansies in Tin Can.jpg

    Fresh pansies set in a simple tin can with all it's reflections.
  • The Birthday Bouquet.jpg

    A beautiful bouquet of flowers given to me on my birthday from my future daughter in law.
  • Summer Bouquet.JPG

    A fanciful arrangement of summer flowers painted in a room of purples.

Still Life Holding Keys (to life)

Sometimes I have a revelation in my life and am inspired to do a painting to share that revelation. In the painting itself will be a key to indicate there is more to the matter than what is just seen.

  • Restful Increase.jpg

    As a Christian, to rest in the finished perfect work of Jesus, is to experience in life all it's abundance (fruits), supernaturally increased, effortlessly.
  • A Word Fitly Spoken.JPG

    Proverbs 25:11 "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver."
  • A Matter of Time.jpg

    I was in a place of wondering about the timing of God when I began this painting. As I placed items into the still life set up, a revelation became clear to me. God takes care of the birds so He will also of me. The promises I'm waiting for will happen in His timing if I just rest. He is faithful. Then the resulting fruits of my rest will be seen as full blossoms in my life and tangible fruits. The timepiece I set at 3:00, indicating the time of Jesus' death on the cross, which is when everything was accomplished.
  • The Treasure Within.jpg

    Once a person receives Jesus as their Savior, the Spirit of God is sent to indwell their spirit. It is this Spirit within that leads and directs the steps of a believer. What a treasure He is!

Portraits in Still Life

The very essence of a person, not their observed physical features, are truly what makes up each individual. These qualities are what makes me, me and you, you.

  • Me - Self Portait in Still Life.JPG

    Me... The palette with brushes...I was born to be an artist. Art is intertwined with my heart with no way that I know of to separate the two. The Bible...The Word of God, so prescious to me from my childhood, in it lies the heart and purposes of God. The jar of oil...The Holy Spirit given to me the day I first believed.
  • Helen - A Tribute to Mom.JPG

    Helen was my mother. After she passed a couple of years ago, I wanted to honor her memory by using items she loved to make up a still life which represented her heart.


Paintings developed from photographs taken during my visit many years ago. (I'm planning to revisit during this next year!)

From my Travels...Real and Imagined

These paintings are sometimes from my actual experiences, and sometimes from composites of inspired photos which I embellish and edit from my mind.

  • Creek Morning.jpg

    This painting was done using a photo as reference from a park in Joppatowne, MD where I walk most mornings. It is a beautiful park, peaceful and comforting especially in the morning hours with lovely water views throughout.
  • Sunlit Treetops.jpg

    I painted this painting from a friend's photo reference, with permission. It was exquisite, capturing the striking sunlight on the snow and ice surrounding this home.
  • Beach Houses on the Gulf.jpg

    A view of beach houses along Florida's west coast facing the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Enter My Garden.JPG

    What a lovely invitation!
  • Dunes Walk Lewis DE.jpg

    Myself and a few of my artist friends spent the weekend in Lewes DE to plein air paint (painting outdoors from life). Unfortunately it poured rain the entire weekend so we went around taking photos and then did paintings in our hotel room. This is one.
  • Garden Path Home.jpg

    From an inspirational photo, it was actually a deserted run down house, which I painted to be as I imagined it should be.
  • Flowers by the Bridge.JPG

    Beautiful flowers adorn the creekside near this bridge.
  • Hope Springs Eternal.jpg

    A walkway that I often walk upon in a park near my home, where a cardinal showed itself, not long after the passing of my husband.
  • Manor House in Spring.jpg

    The luscious spring landscape surrounding a manor house.
  • Tranquility on Taylor's Creek.jpg

    A view of the creek that runs alongside a walking path near my home.

Plein Air

Plein air paintings are done outdoors in the open air from life.

Palette Knife

These paintings were all done using a palette knife instead of brushes. A new venture for me during this past year.

  • Beach Memories l.jpg

    Painted from a photograph taken at Myrtle Beach South Carolina.
  • Beach Memories ll.jpg

    Painting done from a photograph taken at Myrtle Beach South Carolina.
  • Sunlight.jpg

    An exhilerating view of early autumn evening sunlight pouring through the trees of my back yard.
  • View from my Balcony.jpg

    One rainy Sunday morning in early fall this year, this was the view that I saw. I set up my easel at the doorway to my balcony and immediately painted it.
  • Roses at Concord Point Lighthouse.jpg

    Several artists and myself spent the day painting on the grounds of the Concord Point Lighthouse in Havre de Grace MD. I liked this close up view at the base of the lighthouse with it's beautiful rose bushes.
  • Across the River (3).JPG

    After completing one painting at the lighthouse base, I turned to this view of across the river.
  • View of the Little Gunpowder Falls.jpg

    The rushing, tumbling waters of the Little Gunpowder Falls River captured one early fall day.


The beginning of my artwork began as drawings. These represent what I had done leading up to oil painting.

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