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The sum total of my creative work: music, visual art and writing is focused on creating possibilities and opportunities for others to experience the joy, insight and satisfaction that ART offers. Toward that end, in addition to my performances I work and continue to work with adults in drug addiction recovery, foster children, the mentally-ill, the dying, the homeless and many many more. It is pleasure and honor to serve -- I did nothing to deserve the creative gifts and talents I have received yet it... more

Creating Communities Arts Mentorship Academy

The Creating Communities Arts Mentorship Academy offered 28 full-scholarships to students from the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County area who would otherwise not be able to afford to attend an arts program. In a unique partnership with Anne Arundel County Schools, The Clay Street Collaborative and others, Founding Director Rob Levit created a program that fused and integrated jazz dance, African drumming, muraling and photography this past summer. The AMA is now slated for two weeks in Summer 2009 with various winter programs (all scholarship) being planned. The Arts Mentorship Academy received the Innovative Program Award from the Volunteer Center of Anne Arundel County with its emphasis on arts-integration, one-on-one mentorship and investing in each students innate creative ability.

Arundel Lodge -- Music, Art and Poetry by adults with severe mental illness

Rob Levit served as Artist-In-Residence at Arundel Lodge where he collaborated and worked with adults with severe mental illness to create music, art and prose that reflected the innate creativity, positive orientation and lives of this very talented yet oft-forgotten group. He worked closely with staff and emplyees to create a positive and safe environment for the "members" of Arundel Lodge to create. These innovations continue to this day at Arundel Lodge -- a model program for community arts in Anne Arundel County.

Rob Levit Trio

What distinguishes The Rob Levit Trio from the myriad of fine jazz groups today?

* Interacting with the audience to create an intimate and meaningful performance that will long be remembered.
* Commitment to educating youth and audiences of all ages on the unique place jazz holds in creativity, culture, and history.
* High standards of professionalism and efficiency in business and performance logistics for venues.

The Rob Levit Trio

The Rob Levit Trio, one of the best loved jazz groups in the mid-Atlantic region, is anchored by acoustic bassist Amy Shook, one of the few women acoustic jazz bass virtuoso in the world, and master drummer Frank Russo. Together, they create a seamless mix of jazz, world, classical, and funk grooves that is rapidly vaulting them to national and international status. Led by guitarist/composer/visual artist Rob Levit, The Trio performs nationwide -- with recent shows in Coastal Carolina, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Seattle/Bellingham, Washington, DC at the Smithsonian and Rock Hall, Maryland. Rob Levit has also appeared on the mainstage of the Montreal Jazz Festival, Texaco New York Jazz Festival, and the National Arts Centre as part of the Ottawa International Jazz Festival/ Their recently released CD, Uncertain Path, was played on NPR's Morning Edition and reviewed in over a dozen national media outlets, including Jazz Times, Jazz Improv, and All About Jazz.
"Each member of the ensemble is great as a player, but more importantly each plays a dynamic role in the service of the composition. Fans of great guitar and trio playing will certainly enjoy taking the paths that unfold throughout this contemporary recording."
Jazz Improv Magazine

â??Levitâ??s s band furrows into fresh soil, implanting their own unique playing styles and compositional/arrangement savvy -- not usually heard among American Jazz trios of similar ilk.â?
Abstract Logix

"Last night in a small Annapolis restaurant, I came face to face with musical greatness. Levit seemed unconstrained, both technically and imaginatively, launching into passages that recalled Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell, Wes Montgomery, Danny Gatton, and most especially John McLaughlin."
The Washington Post

Songs of Healing/Hospice of the Chesapeake

The album Songs of Healing was/is a unique partnership between Rob Levit and The Hospice of the Chesapeake. To date, 1500 copies of the album have been distributed to patients, friends, family and caregivers throughout the community.

Hospice of the Chesapeake announces the release of "Songs of Healing," a CD of inspirational music from renowned Anne Arundel County musician Rob Levit. The organization has paired with Levit, Artist-In- Residence at the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, to create a tangible means of comfort and relaxation for patients, caregivers and the community. Created especially for Hospice of the Chesapeake, the album consists of 16 original works.

"The gift of music touches everyone, young or old, in good health and in bad," Erwin Abrams, president and CEO of Hospice of the Chesapeake says. "We pride ourselves in offering the best quality end-of-life care to patients, as well as spiritual and bereavement support to families, loved ones, and the community at large. This project helps us in accomplishing that goal."

Levit ensured the CD would live up to its title by spending time with patients at the John & Arloine Mandrin Chesapeake Hospice House before entering the studio to record the music. "This project has been the most meaningful I have ever engaged in," he explains. "It has far exceeded my expectations and fuses my creative talents with service to a wonderful organization."

  • Cover of Songs of Healing

    I designed and painted the album art esp. for this project. It's a small watercolor done on index cards, which are cheap and easy to handle.
  • Christopher

    This is dedicated to Christopher! This was written about and for a beautiful little boy who died -- a child I never met. One day I was reading the newspaper and his beautiful face stared up at me and I was stricken with grief, Iiterally overcome. I composed the song to capture his innocence and the joy, love and hope he brought his family. I sent it to them as a total stranger but we became friends.
  • Song for Chrisopher

    This was written about and for a beautiful little boy who died -- a child I never met. One day I was reading the newspaper and his beautiful face stared up at me and I was stricken with grief. I composed the song to capture his innocence and the joy, love and hope he brought his family. I sent it to them as a total stranger but we became friends. You can read about him here: This little guy changed my life and I never met him! His folks, amazing people, have two children in recent years and are doing well.
  • Water's Edge

    This is an "evocative" piece trying to capture the water flow of where we live -- Annapolis and Anne Arundel County on the bay :) Most of the finger-picking pattern is in 11/8 meter.
  • For You

    This was written for my good friend Sarah, who essentially commissioned me for this project. It's called "For You."

Cross-cultural collaboration with jazz musician Rob Levit and Javanese-Balinese singer Emiko Sarwaswati Susilo

Collaboration of two artists of very different backgrounds -- Annapolis-based jazz artist Rob Levit and Javanese-Balinese vocalist Emiko Susilo. Lyric with traditional and sacred texts coupled with innovative acoustic guitar work.

  • Rob and Emiko video

    Most footage was shot at World Festival of Music, Los Angeles, CA 9/2008
  • asmarandana

    Album cover painted and designed by Rob Levit
  • Ati Bolong

    Asmarandana is a form of Javanese macapat, a traditional poetic form that is sung rather than recited. Macapat were used to tell stories before prose became more widely used. There are several possible interpretations of the word â??asmarandanaâ?. The word â??asmaraâ? means passion or love. â??Danaâ? can be interpreted as the abbreviation of the word â??dahanaâ? which means â??fireâ? or â??danaâ? can also mean â??to giveâ? or â??value/priceâ?.
  • Demonya

    This is all about artists demonstarting in the streets! text by Pak Dedek
  • Asmarandana

    This is the title track of the disc: Asmarandana Text: Ki Hadi Sarjono Reflects on the beginning of the universe and our endless search to comprehend the meaning of our existence. Jro ning awang uwung iki Ana sari cahya lima Kang wujud abra rupane Abramarkata wujudnya Tingalana ing wiyat Wis padha delengen iku.
  • robemiko

    Rob and Emiko Saraswati Susilo
  • robigor

    Rob with Igor, Tuvan throat singer who collaborated with Rob and Emiko in Los Angeles
  • dscf1689

    photo by Rob taken at Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena California after performance with Emiko
  • atjudys

    Performers from Tuva, Bali and United States

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