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I’ve been practicing art on and off for over 15 years, which has shaped most of my adult life. Primarily my background has been focused on drawing and photography. I am a graduate of Harford Community College’s Graphic Design program, which has helped me combine emerging trends with a traditional Fine Arts curriculum. I would say my artistic style centers on portraiture. The level of emotion that you can capture in someone’s face is, inspirational. Whether I do that in photography, digital artwork, or... more


For this project I wanted to capture light in two different areas of concentration, warm and light. Destiny’s beautiful skin tone is so appealing when even the smallest amount of light hits it. Combining the warm colors of red and blue to give us the most compelling shots of the session. 
Placing the model in different flattering poses, it makes the viewer have a personal connection as if you’re in the room with Destiny. With the addition of the mirror and chair we continue to add a layer of depth and tone to the images. Of all the images I’ve created, and models I’ve worked with, this set of photos and creative partner was by far my favorite. I think that comes across in these images. 
These images don’t even compare to lovely personality that Destiny has. I’m so excited to create more and more images with her in the future.


I’ve often been told by my art teachers and mentors that I don’t give my work the time that it deserves. I tend to rush through art projects and assignments while balancing them with other aspects of life. That is something I hoped to change with this passion project.  
I find myself visiting and creatively exploring Baltimore quite often. Something about it is interesting and intriguing. Many members of my family have grown up around the city, and its surrounding areas. So, I was taught to live and respect Baltimore from a young age. My biggest tie to Baltimore however is my grandfather, this project is undoubtedly dedicated to him. One of my biggest regrets is that he couldn’t see my emerging art career before his passing. 
Some of my favorite places around the city include, Hampden, The Baltimore Museum of Art, and Fells Point. Some of these places are pictured here. The goal of the project is to keep an ongoing record of all the places I’ve visited in the city, almost like a pictorial journal of my adventures in Baltimore. 


Something I’ve struggled with my new chosen medium of photography, is thematically crafting a narrative. However, in these photos I wanted to focus on that. 
I asked one of my friends from work to shoot with me, and surprisingly she happily obliged. I hoped to capture the moment in each one of these photos. Another aspect I was looking to capture was the mystery in Savannah’s eyes. Her eyes stare deep into your soul in such an intriguing way that it makes her so easy to photograph. 
Savannah’s captivating personality and tattoos will send you into a creative obsession.


Theses set of images represents the word reflection, in the literal sense as well as the theoretical sense of the word. As my tenure ended at Harford Community College, I found myself looking back at all the experiences, teachings, and people I’ve met there. The term growth is representative of my spiritual and journey as an artist. I’ve started to gain my footing as an artist. Describing my art style is very difficult at times, however the subject of portraiture is a constant throughout. 
The process of fully embracing the term “ARTIST” has been a personal struggle as I navigate through the game of life and turning my artistic endeavors into a viable career for me and my family. 

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