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Personal Statement I am poised at the threshold of being able to make my own films. As a career documentary cinematographer, I typically shoot for and collaborate with others. I recently embarked on a project which gave me the opportunity to challenge my creative identity and risk making something that I could legitimately call my own "personal creative work," something that would fit my definition of art, and might satisfy that of others. Cafeteria Man is a feature length independent... more

Cafeteria Man

CAFETERIA MAN is a documentary feature film about visionary chef Tony Geraci's radical transformation of school nutrition in Baltimore city. The film chronicles his pioneering efforts to implement a system-wide recipe for reform in a sluggish bureaucracy over a two year period. Geraci's successful ability to coordinate people and energize a city's desire for social change around issues of school food becomes a nationally recognized model of aspiration and possibility.


Directed and photographed by Richard Chisolm. Produced by Sheila Kinkade. Edited by David Grossbach.
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    Filmmaker/Cinematographer Richard Chisolm
  • web-a6.jpg

    Students learning greenhouse growing techniques.
  • web-4.jpg

    Field trip to school-operated teaching farm.
  • img_6961.jpg

    Tony Geraci, Director of Nutrition for Baltimore City Schools on the Marc Steiner Show.
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    Filming classroom education about sources of food.
  • pollan1.jpg

    Food author Michael Pollan reflects on the Baltimore school food situation.
  • kids-2.jpg

    Cafeteria interviews of students about tastes and eating habits.
  • alonso31a.jpg

    Dr. Andres Alonso, CEO of Baltimore City Schools discusses the crisis in school food.
  • Chef Tony Geraci

    Director of Food and Nutrition, Baltimore City Public Schools

Doctor Q

"Doctor Q" (a work-in-progress) is a feature documentary portrait of Johns Hopkins brain surgeon Alfredo Quinones, who came to the United States from Mexico as an illegal immigrant teenager. The unscripted film chronicles his work as a surgeon, his efforts to maintain a meaningful relationship with his country of origin, and his struggle to balance notariety and family.

5 Minute Excerpt:
Password: limbix

Bach and Friends

Bach and Friends is a new documentary feature film that celebrates the music of Bach as interpreted by living musicians. Producer: Michael Lawrence. Director of Photography: Richard Chisolm.


A seven-part national ABC television documentary series on the real life drama of Johns Hopkins Hospital. Director of Photography/Field Producer: Richard Chisolm.

  • abcerphoto.jpg

    Richard Chisolm films medicine resident Dr. Ann Czarnik and patient at Hopkins Emergency Department/
  • "Hopkins" Trailer

    From the 6-part ABC TV series about Johns Hopkins Hospital.

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