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About Rebecca

Howard County

Rebecca Rothey studied photography under Geoff Delanoy while working towards her undergraduate degree in philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, Maryland. She was an adult, part-time student and photography allowed her a much needed creative respite from the pressures of work and school. She learned photography by developing film and making gelatin silver prints using traditional darkroom techniques.  She has continued making images since her graduation in 2007, now working solely with... more

Watercolor Landscapes

In February, I began studing online with Eric Wiegardt, AWS. He is an extraordinary teacher who emphasizes painting loosely. I have learned a great deal from him, especially seeing values (more difficult than one might think), blending colors on the paper and painting loosely.  I seek to capture the feeling a location or object creates in me, again, an allusive objective but one worth pursuing.

Still Lives, Critters and Portraits

I have yet to decide my preferred subject matter. Here are 2022 explorations in painting still lives, critters, and portraiture.


Throughout the time I have been making images, I have enjoyed the intimacy of making portraits with strangers. Often very brief, those interactions still create unique connections based on shared humanity. I deeply appreciate those willing to share those moments with me. Here are images from 2022.

Ink Drawings

A sampling of ink drawings made in the past two years.