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Red Amnesia from Red is Real

Image of a dance solo in collaboration with a red chair about healing inner child. Red is Real is a Multimedia performance that debuted in the fall of 2021

It's Ok For Dreams to Die

Rae Red singing with an overhead projector in front of an image of the sun.
Solo found object shadow performance about accepting the losses of the pandemic. Debuted at Current Space June 2021


About Rae

Baltimore City - Station North A&E District

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Rae Red encourages laughter in the face of darkness by translating everyday realities into playful performances. Their work exposes the magic and wonder within our daily functions, from the wizardry of sight and color theory, to the way water invisibly keeps our lives flowing smoothly like a ghost within the walls. They explore subjects that are universal like blood pumping through veins, while bringing light to the small deaths that reoccur continuously around us. They have presented their work in... more

Red Zone- Elsewhere Artist in Residence

Red Zone, or Red Crypsis, ongoing 



Safety is arbitrary right now as we are navigating a city (and country) where there is no agreed upon standard to stay safe, let alone agreed upon threat to that safety. Red is a color associated with risk taking, it is the color used on maps to mark where COVID cases are surging. The color of greatest danger. For my current pod  family, the Shelter Elsewhere Fellows (Kinari Council, Christian Lee, Thea Cohen, Avery Rose) Red Crypsis  provides bold camouflage to create a sense of shelter and familiarity  within the  danger.  We are camouflaged in this red haven of both vibrance and invisibility. Hiding in plain sight, each moving portrait is unique to the person. Each red environment, a new configuration of objects, a labor of love and an offering to them, an act of care to help them find comfort in the Red Zone.

Red is Real

Red is Real (RED BALLAD)

by Rae Red

If Red were a color How would you feel it? Full of excitement. Shimmering and hot. Touching the steam. Sending a shock of adrenalin through your skin. Would it feel electric? Are you aroused? Are you full of shame? Because this is not the time, Not the time to feel lust, And luscious and Dipped in hot red tips And dirty thoughts about the Wrong people And things, and we’re just friends!  

Red is Real (Red Ballad) began in the summer of 2019 and was set to debut in March of 2020, we all know why that didn't happen! We are eternally grateful for the opportunity to bring it back to life and allow it to shift and evolve to become the piece that you see before you tonight! Red Amnesia part 1 and 2 written and directed by Rae Red Accidental Coincidence written and directed by Theresa Columbus Apocolypstic choreographed and directed by Cliff Doby  Shame Wizard created by Francisco Benavides directed by Rae Red

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