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Baltimore City

Rachel Borgman is an artist working in a variety of media in an effort to conduct art historical investigations and invent narrative reactions. She creates a fictional love story between the copyist and the painter. She marries a conceptual approach to her classical training and material knowledge. Her work is influenced by Baroque concepts in literature and the visual arts that relate to the idea of the master artist. She is an MFA graduate from the Multidisciplinary Mount Royal School of Art at the... more

Letters to Velazquez

It is my intention to study the role of the copy as an approach for exploring a multitude of possible and actual histories within the oeuvre of Velazquez. I accomplish this through the creation of amended copies of original pieces and expanding installations that invite a dialogue with the artist. In my process, the white copies on linen represent a point of origin. They are lingering traces. By beginning with the execution of each homage and reproduction I weave together a complex web of possible narratives. Immersive installation spaces feature portions of the research and contributing collection materials displayed and reassembled to involve the viewer in the investigation. These materials include art history texts, painting pigments, imagined artifacts, and invented tools for art making. The tools are derived from the illusionistic spaces of the paintings. Invisible acts of the process of scholarship and traditional painting are made visible and palpable. These spaces become three-dimensional paintings. Through this analysis, I speculate on mysteries within the pieces, the artist’s life, and the history of the tangible work. I take on the role of the avid art lover, apprentice, and aspiring art historian through a sincere approach that focuses on my attachment to the figure of the artist.

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