Work samples

  • Lotus Sutra
    Lotus Sutra

    The Lotus Sutra is regarded as the single most important text of Indian Buddhism. This sutra can cause all living beings to free themselves from suffering and anguish. This sutra can bring great benefits to all living beings and fulfill their desires, as a clear cool pond can satisfy all those who are thirsty. The unique teaching of the Lotus Sutra and its ultimate goal—indeed of Buddhism as a whole—is to enlighten all people; to relieve them of their suffering and enable them to experience genuine happiness, thereby establishing a society that values peace and the dignity of life.

  • Monsoon Night
    Monsoon Night

    Monsoon Night is inspired by my childhood in Kolkata, India. The powerful rain, with thunder and lightning, formed a core memory associated with joy, excitement and relief at the cooling temperatures during the Indian summer. This painting shines brilliantly with gold foil and silver foil accents, and hints of pink flowers in the Indian night.

  • Lotus Chakra Open
    Lotus Chakra Open

    This mixed media pieces combines dried rose petals with acrylic on canvas to represent the lotus chakra which represents pure consciousness in Hindu culture and philosophy. "Chakra" is a word in Sanskrit, an ancient language from India, that means "wheel" or "cycle." In many Eastern and spiritual belief systems, chakras are seen as spinning wheels or circles that life energy flows through the human body. 

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  • Black Butterfly: Queer Brown Magic
    Black Butterfly: Queer Brown Magic

    This painting Black Butterfly: Queer Brown Magic inspired the title of my solo show and the black butterfly motif, symbolizing the renaissance and bright future of Baltimore led by creativity and diversity of the artistic community here. The butterfly rests on a lotus, a symbol in Hinduism of spiritual enlightenment. The gold foil accents are inspired by Indian temple paintings representing divine blessings from brown ancestors, paving the way for future generations to thrive in abundance and joy.

About Pothik

Baltimore County

Pothik Chatterjee is a Harvard-educated abstract artist based in Baltimore and inspired by the intersection of South Asian-American culture, Hindu spirituality, and LGBTQ identity, creating a unique perspective and vision for restorative healing. Born in Kolkata, India in 1984, and Harvard-educated, Chatterjee grew up around the world in Dubai, Paris, Abu Dhabi and Jakarta and his art is a contemporary fusion of East and West. Chatterjee's paintings are calm and meditative, inspired by… more

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Indian Goddess Collection

Modern abstract collection of paintings inspired by Hindu Goddesses, representing female power and the matriarchy and subverting patriarchy by connecting ancient Hindu traditions with modern artistic practices and meditation and yoga in the United States. This collection represents my queer LGBTQ identity and embracing and celebrating the softer, feminine aspects of my personality and strength. 

  • Saraswati

    Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of art, music and education. I have a special kinship with her as an artist and I was born on the day of Saraswati Puja in India, the day when she is honored. This is an abstraction depiction of Saraswati as a flowing river of knowledge in the Himalaya mountains.

  • Monsoon

    Born in Kolkata, India I spent each summer growing up experiencing the magic of monsoon in the Indian subcontinent. This painting captures the torrential downpours with massive raindrops, dramatic thunder and lightning sparks amidst dark clouds rolling in the sky. The blue green hues are inspired by peacock’s tail feathers. According to Indian legends, peacocks love to dance in the rain, displaying their resplendent beauty

  • Mango Summer
    Mango Summer

    Mango Summer is a bright and colorful painting inspired by childhood memories in India of eating delicious and juicy mangoes in the heat of summer. This painting was featured on a billboard in front of the Empire State building in New York City and shown at Maison 10 gallery in Chelsea. 

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  • Desert Sunrise
    Desert Sunrise

    A painting of a brilliant and fiery sunrise in the desert dunes of Rajasthan, India at the break of dawn, emerging from the darkness of night. Inspired by a trip to Jaipur, the Pink City of Rajasthan.

  • Diwali Sunrise
    Diwali Sunrise

    Painting of sunrise and oil lamps lit for Diwali, the major Hindu festival of lights, celebrating the victory of good over evil. Hindu families light oil lamps all over their house to welcome the Lord Rama, returning from exile after conquering the evil Ravana. Diwali is a major South Asian festival that has gained mainstream recognition in the United States and celebrated in the White House in recent years. 

  • Baby Ganesha
    Baby Ganesha

    Painting of baby Ganesha, the Hindu Elephant God, playing a flute. Painted for my son's nursery as Ganesha is an auspicious symbol of good fortune and removing obstacles. We went through a long journey as a gay couple with IVF and surrogacy and this painting is a celebration of the birth of our son after a 3-year journey. 

  • Abundance of Irises
    Abundance of Irises

    Inspired by childhood memories of accompanying my grandmother in Kolkata, India to pick flowers from her garden for her evening prayer ritual. Although I never had the chance to come out to my grandmother before her passing, I always felt comfortable and accepted by her warm, embracing love and learning about my culture and religion from her was a gift that continues to inspire my art and life as a queer immigrant adult. 

  • Jewel Box
    Jewel Box

    This painting is inspired by childhood memories as a young queer boy watching my mother and my aunts with jewel boxes and beautiful, elegant saris in India getting ready for a wedding event. The bright pinks and golds are commonly found in Indian benarasi saris. This painting is filled with longing, desire and interest in the feminine world of Indian matriarchs. 

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  • Kailash Family
    Kailash Family

    Goddess Parvati and God Shiva with their children Karthik and Lakshmi in Mount Kailasha in the Himalayas. Painted with gold foil effect as an homage to traditional temple iconography in India, the divine family is painted in the Bengali Kalighat style of Kolkata.

  • Lakshmi Goddess
    Lakshmi Goddess

    A mixed media painting of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and good fortune, made with acrylic and poured wax on canvas. Lakshmi is decorated with gold jewelry and crown and surrounded by gold coins and seated on a pink lotus.

Floral Collection

I am deeply inspired by nature and flowers by gardening in my home in Middle River in Baltimore County, and the colors of the beautiful season we get to enjoy in Maryland. This collection presents highlights from my floral abstract paintings representing serenity, calm and joy in the natural world. Flowers are also an important part of Hindu prayer rituals and offerings to Gods and Goddesses at the altar, which I celebrate through my art. 

  • Hummingbird Nectar Dream
    Hummingbird Nectar Dream

    This painting came as a vision in a dream to me - a hummingbird feeding on nectar from a flower at night, with beautiful iridescent feathers and wings. The hummingbird symbolizes healing during challenging times of darkness.

  • Ashim Karuna (Infinite Mercy)
    Ashim Karuna (Infinite Mercy)

    Painting of a pink peony flower. The title Ashim Karuna, which means Infinite Compassion, in Bengali, is inspired by witnessing a family member support their spouse through terminal illness, with endless love and compassion as a caregiver.

  • Desert Marigold
    Desert Marigold

    Painting of a bright orange marigold painting blooming on a purple background. The marigold flower is a symbol of celebration and divinity, used in weddings and religious celebrations to adorns Gods and Goddess sculptures in the temple. 

  • Renaissance

    Abstract painting of magenta flowers on a mint background with dynamic and expressive brushstrokes and pouring of acrylic paint on canvas. The mint background is commonly found in Indian miniature paintings and South Asian palace doors and decoration as a theme of beauty and serenity. 

  • Pashmina

    Painting of pink roses on a turquoise background inspired by the designs and details of Pashmina shawls from Kashmir. 

  • Lilies Dancing in the Breeze
    Lilies Dancing in the Breeze

    Floral painting of pink lilies swaying in the breeze and petals floating through a calm, serene garden.