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PLAZANEXTDOOR V2 is the second installment in the PLAZANEXTDOOR series. This is an album that consist of 7 songs. From electronic house to downtempo music.


This is a 14 track album that consist of upbeat electronic dance tracks and downtempo ones. This album is about Narcissism. What is a Narcissist? This album has the answers.


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As an Electronic music artist, music production is a true love I discovered as a child living in the inner city of New York City. I love hip-hop and r&b music as well. But something about electronic music just does it for me. The electronic music I make ranges from dance music to trance music. My music is intended for the listener to feel in their body and to move accordingly to the beat. I also have other disciplines in the art space. I am a photographer/videographer, boxing instructor, dancer(not... more


07/14/07 is a two-part album. The 07/14/07 album is about my old self dying. But my new self is born in the midst of the chaos. 07/14/07 was the exact date when tragedy struck for me. On friday the 13th, I remembered leaving from a party early; a few minutes before midnight. I chose to leave the party earlier than expected due to not wanting to hear my mother complaining about me not coming home early enough. I left my friends and chose to walk home alone. That walk home could have been the last time I ever would walk again...From leaving the party to waking up 3 days later in a hospital with breathing tubes in me.  

07/14/07 V2

07/14/07 V2 is a continuation of the 07/14/07 album. The 07/14/07 album is a collection of sounds to depict the feeling of dying. But this album depicts the feeling of waking up from that experience.


PLAZANEXTDOOR is an album about life after a relationship that ended. It is an album dedicated to the artist PARTYNEXTDOOR. All PARTYNEXTDOOR samples I put together. I listened to his music the entire time while going through the motions; from being in love with my partner to never speaking again. If you ever been in love with your ex-partner, then you understand. Many people lose themselves in relationships. They lose the person their partner fell in love with. Relationships are a full-time job. You cannot get comfortable. The moment you get comfortable is the moment you lose it all. Love made me homeless. I made this album without a home to call my own. No friends or family would help me. My pride would not allow me to fail. I did not have the luxury to feel heartbroken or depressed. I grinded it out 7 days a week; hardly any sleep. I became a better version of myself from that break-up. From the outcome, I was thankful for it all. This album is is like a diary of mine. This album consist of some hip-hop and dance tracks. 


PLAZANEXTDOOR V2 is the second installment of the PLAZANEXTDOOR album. It is a 7 song album that consist of electronic house music and downtempo tracks. This album continues where the PLAZANEXTDOOR album left off. Single life. Grinding for success 7 days a week. Focused on a better life and a better self. Self-discovery is a journey traveled alone. 


    PLAZANEXTDOOR V2 is the second installment in the PLAZANEXTDOOR series. This is an album that consist of 7 songs. From electronic house to downtempo music.


LOVE ME TO DEATH is my personal favorite collection of songs I have made into an album. This is the greatest instrumental album EVER made. From the first song to the last song, the sound selection will send you into another realm. This is my first album that I made that consist of 14 tracks. I carefully selected these songs to fit with the theme; self-love. In this modern day, you have to seriously fall in love with yourself. If you do not, someone will use it against you. Especially, with the way people are using these social media apps for everything. Seeking validation from outside sources is deterimental to ones growth. Even then, if you love your self enough...there are people that will shame you for doing so. Most of the time, the first word they could think of to call a person that loves themselves is a NARCISSIST! Without even knowing or experiencing a real narcissist. I made this album specifically to teach and inform those people because when you meet a narcissist, you would not want to throw that word around so loosely. This is an electronic music album; house music, techno, trap, and rock influenced sounds. This is a complete body of work that I am very proud of.

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