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About Philip Edward

I grew up outside of Boston, MA, playing music, taking pictures and eventually moving into the city to work as a graphic artist. I get bored easily and I crave excitement; so I moved to New Orleans in 2002, I didn't realize how exciting it was going to get as I was still living in the city when Hurricane Katrina hit. I moved to Baltimore in August of 2007 and was immediately struck by its quirky charm, its amazing people, and its incredible art scene. Since moving here I've been published in over... more

Portraiture - Traditional

What I consider traditional portraits of friends, family members and co-workers.

  • Lauren Lakis - Actress

    Actresses are a pleasure to photograph; they understand direction and know that it might take more than a couple of shots to get a good result.
  • Langston - intern

    I try to make portraits whenever and where ever I am. Langston worked as an intern for my ad agency in New Orleans. I noticed the side light at the front of the office was perfect, so I pulled him aside during the work day for a portrait. He had seen me shoot enough to follow my direction. In this portrait he's a poised teenager, but I see this portrait as a premonition of the strong adult he will become.
  • Sharon - nursing student

    Each setting has it's own photographic challenge รข?? cluttered backgrounds, low light or lack of space are just a few of the things I've had to deal with. If I agree to shoot an event and I have time, I like to go ahead of time to the venue and see what I have to work with. My friend Sharon agreed to come early with me to an event site, I used her as a test model. I think she's beautiful, she doesn't consider herself a model.
  • Blaine - Toni's nephew

    Blaine is my best friends nephew.
  • Deborah - A little of everything

    Deborah is an artist, an activist and an entrepreneur. She is just as mischievous and determined as she looks.
  • Phoebe - superstar

    My niece Phoebe asked me to give this picture to my "people." She said she wanted to be "discovered" as a model. My people? Fashion photography is not my trade, so "my people" weren't the ones she wanted. I didn't tell her that though.
  • Julie Lewis - playwright

    Most people don't like to be photographed. Playwright Julie Lewis does, she even suggested outfits and ideas. It made my job easy.
  • Tara Jill - writer

    I've put this portrait in my "traditional" collection because of Tara's pose, but the circumstances of the portrait were anything but "traditional". If you look closely you'll see a microphone head or wire at the opening of her shirt. Tara is an English teacher for a community college in New Orleans. I met her on the street and she told me that she was being harassed by a male co-worker and that she planned to wear a wire and try to get his behavior on tape. I had my camera and knew it was a good opportunity. Traditional portrait, unusual situation.
  • Leesaw - benign pirate

    Leesaw was born in Ethiopia and was raised in Canada. She's traveled internationally with a French circus troupe and created two successful businesses in NYC. She now owns a house in the Bywater of New Orleans.
  • Seinna Rose - CEO

    Someday Seinna will be your boss, it's o.k., she's fun to work for.

Portraiture - Digital illustration using Photoshop

These are portraits that I shot and then illustrated digitally in photoshop.

Instant Gratification Multimedia Production

I've displayed photographs at Gallery 788 for the past five years. A requirement of showing work at the gallery is being present for a shift during your one month show. The gallery director, Eduardo Rodriguez told me I could do anything, and use the gallery however I wanted for my "shift". I decided to create a multimedia show, and I named it Instant Gratification.

The show, a recurring variety show, has featured many of the most talented performers, artists, musicians, magicians, poets and filmmakers in Baltimore.

I'm lucky because my desire to document artists with a camera has given me a list of people to draw from for the show. The most recent version of the show was in December 2012, it was the first Instant Gratification benefit for two Baltimore Artists who suffered heart attacks during the year and only survived because of CPR. The show contained the normal mix of artists, but to honor it's purpose, I also had a CPR trainer do a demonstration at the show. Like my job at Catholic Relief Services, it was gratifying to be able to use my talent in order to raise money for the artists. I plan on using the Instant Gratification Multimedia show format as a benefit again in the future.

If you'd like to see a review of the Heart Benefit show go here:

Portraiture - Non-Traditional

These portraits were shot in Baltimore, I'll leave it at that.

Portraiture - Artist Portraits

Artists, musicians, writers. All of these images were published in What Weekly magazine.

Tracker/outdoor survival expert Marie Maccabee

I met Marie Maccabee while hanging a gallery show in 2009. She told me she was an outdoor survival
expert trained in animal tracking and stalking. She also told me she prepared hides, built survival structures, and knew all about indigenous plants and animals.
I was fascinated and wanted to know more.

  • Nature

    Marie wants no separation, and feels no separation between herself and nature.
  • Stretch

    She stretches the hide to draw the water out.
  • animal brain.

    Marie is preparing a hide with animal brains. The brain itself is the largest source of lubricant in nature, it's application will make the leather supple.
  • Firestarter

    11" x 17" Collage, needle and thread, color pencil on paper
  • Smoking Leather

    The hole behind her is filled with smoldering coal, the smoke is water-proofing the hide above it.
  • Water Bliss

    I interrupted her while she was explaining river tracking; I was tracking the shadows and light and she stopped to indulge me.
  • Beatific

    Here she's putting on camouflage in one of her hand made shelters. The Goldenrod roof of the structure can withstand hundreds of pounds of snow.
  • Night Stalk

    Marie uses white ash with the mud for extra texture and cover.
  • Darts

    Marie collects sap from trees to make blow darts. She uses the darts to hunt small animals.

What Weekly Magazine

Since 2010 i've been published in over one hundred issues of What Weekly Magazine. I was the magazines first contributor. My main contribution has been photo essays, but I've also written several articles to accompany my photos. my favorite "combo" pieces are artist profiles. You can see the collection here:

Objects and Masks

Objects and Mask's is a black and white portraiture study, an off-beat look into the nature of love and identity.

  • Love is Work

    Scott Burkholder, Baltimore Love Project partner.
  • True North

    Visionary artist Jeramie Bellmay.
  • Bubble Fairy

    Jennifer Stephens
  • Slight of Hand

    Magician David London
  • Signal

    Andy Rubin, Owner of Cyclops books, event producer.
  • Key

    Recording artist Victoria Vox. Album cover for her most recent release: "Key", I asked her to participate in the series and our shoot inspired the name of her album.
  • Family values

    Sisters Dominique and Jessica Hellgeth. Jessica designed the clothes.
  • The Weight.

    Sculptor Dominique Hellgeth
  • Balance

    Beat box master and 2010 Baker Artist Award grand prize winner Shodekeh Talifero.

Philip Edward's Curated Collection

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