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“He makes the viola sing …” Peter Minkler, also praised by the Baltimore Sun for possessing “a darkly beautiful sound as he limned the score with clarity and communicative warmth”, has been a member of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra since 1984. He also serves as Principal Viola of the Baltimore Choral Arts Society Orchestra, a position he has held since 1997. Prior to his arrival in Baltimore, he served as Associate Principal with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Peter Minkler

My hope for this project is to promote and showcase the extraordinary qualities of the viola.

Although oft-maligned and rarely considered a solo instrument, the viola, with its distinctive timbre, rich sonorous tone and closeness in range to the human voice, is capable of expression far exceeding its reputation.

I hope you will join me on this journey of discovery, and experience the same joy and beauty that this instrument, to which I have dedicated my life, can bring.
  • Peter Minkler
    Peter Minkler
    Peter Minkler
  • vieuxtemps-capriccio
    Henri Vieuxtemps "Capriccio"
  • stravinsky-elegie
    Igor Stravinsky "Elegie"
  • fuchssonatapastorale-i.fantasia
    Lillian Fuchs "Sonata Pastorale" I. Fantasia
  • fuchssonatapastorale-ii.pastorale
    Lillian Fuchs "Sonata Pastorale" II. Pastorale
  • bachsuiteno.2-sarabande
    J.S. Bach "Suite No. 2 in D minor" IV. Sarabande
  • hindemithsonatafurbratschealleinop.25no.1-i.breitandii.shrfrischundstraff
    Paul Hindemith "Sonata fur Bratsche allein Op. 25 No. 1" I. Breit II. Sehr frisch und straff
  • hindemithsonatafurbratschealleinop.25no.1-iv.rasendeszeitmass.wild.tonschoenheitistnebensache
    Paul Hindemith "Sonata fur Bratsche allein Op. 25 No. 1" IV. Rasendes Zeitmass. Wild. Tonschoenheit ist Nebensache.
  • hindemithsonatafurbratschealleinop.25no.1-v.langsam,mitvielausdruck
    Paul Hindemith "Sonata fur Bratsche allein Op. 25 No. 1" V. Langsam, mit viel Ausdruck