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Inspired Thanksgiving Address - a community inspired by the Haudenosonee Thanksgiving Address

An example of performance art. The Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address is the most effective antidote for feelings of suicide.

Recovery and Decompression Video #1

This is the typical collage video I make to serve as background for my soundbaths. In an actual concert this will have a voice over with postive affirmations.

Part of the Soundbath Experience are the affirmations

This is a sample of the part of the soundbath used for positive affirmations which are improvisational messages design to uplift, encourage, and help the people.


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Baltimore City

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“I feel I owe a tremendous obligation to my ancestors.  Therefore, using their instructions, I try to heal, comfort, and do good for as many people as possible.”   Born in Washington, DC to a pair of teachers, Peter Brooks uses his unique perspective and vision to try to help others through the arts.  “For thousands of years all the babies born on the Potomac River like me were loyal to the Tayac or someone like him. Then a new people came along, and said we must be loyal to them, but... more

Cherokee Medicine Story

A video I produced to compliment my performance as Mate Awan. In this video the entirety of the Cherokee or native cosmology is explained and it allows a very clear departure point to talk about things like diet, balance, making good decisions, sacrifice, revenge, etc. It is meant to be read aloud by the performer while the audience watches in silence.

New Years Show

I wanted to do something that could be used year after year that was positive, inspirational and educational in preserving Native American culture of today as we know it.

I was initially inspired by the group Spiritwing and wanted to present a live online concert of their children's music.  This did not come through and instead I made a music video featuring their favorite song, and then built an entire show in one week so it could broadcast in time for the New Year.

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