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I am a photographer and artist, grew up outside Philadelphia and moved to Baltimore in 1962. In 1971, as a single mother of two I started and ran a commune for a few years. I was head of the Art Department at St Paul's School, before leaving to become an independent photographer.My camera has served me in many ways; from black... more

Morality Tales and other work on Aluminum

the work begins with my black and white photos or transparencies mounted on aluminum which I then work into and paint. The particular quality of the photographs is integral to and is the dominant quality of the photographs which are visual parables

Through A Window

Through A Window

This series began after I developed a great love of photographing through windows of moving vehicles. While unsuccessful at shooting from a car, I took these images either from the window of an airplane, where the landscapes present as Rolling abstractions, or from the window of a train (in Spain) which gave me another way to use the patterning and investigate my coloring of olive groves, the challenge is being when to chose to stop the motion, and then how to abstract it into something else.

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