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Among the Palms .jpeg

morocco, palms ,spirit mid east interior Dance
"Among the Palms" Transparencies and Paint on aluminum 24x24 2019

Eve With Her Mirror .jpg

Eve, nude semi figurative,
"Eve With Her Mirror"Transparencies and paint on aluminum .21

Invisible 1.

abstraction metalic collage
"Invisible 1" All the things we cannot see. Glass beads and oil paint on worked aluminum 36x36 2020

Singularity from Particles series .jpg

abstraction, landscape physics, metal , collage
"Singularity" the center of a black hole. all the laws of physics break down completely, and even time and space disappear. Transparencies and paint on aluminum 36x24


About Peggy

Baltimore County

Peggy Fox is a photographer, painter, and mixed media artist. She grew up outside Philadelphia and moved to Baltimore in 1962.  She combines her own photographic images and paint on worked aluminum, the surroundings reflecting back into the work.She combines them as well, in her computer to  make archival pigment prints. Poetic in nature,her  images reach across subjects and mediums. Her mural for the Maryland Transit Authority, Lost In The Cosmos,, is a two hundred foot work in... more

Morality Tales and other work on Aluminum

This work begins with my black and white photographs or transparencies mounted on aluminum, which I then work into and paint. The particular quality of the photographs is integral to and is the dominant quality of the images which are visual parables. Human follies.

More Morality Tales

Lost In the Cosmos

A commision by Peggy Fox from the Maryland Transit authority.
In creating and designing this ten foot by twohundred foot publick mural, I wanted to give people something to think about as they waited for the Train. I ecided to make a visual toy of travel. I layered images and patterns, intersecting planes and fractured dimentions. The viewer, like Alice in wonderland, is drawn into  a story of star dancers, an elopement  on the subway, and a cow jumping over the moon.

I collaged my own photographs with star maps, and had 30x40"black and white  prints produced. I then painted the prints, which were then scanned, screened and fired on 4x10 foot porcelaine panels. This resulted in a permanent wall, resistant to damage by the elements and cleaning.

I collaborated with the architectual/ engineering team from the initital planning stages, integrating the work into the architectural design.

Invisible Growing Manifest

All the things we cannot see .The virus,  the lies, the illusions.I started this series in march 2020.As I progressed with this thought I  included images from the "Just Before Times".
What Started as minimalist has evolved, and other images drawn in, and color is back.
Glass beads and oil paint on worked aluminum. Sizes range from 12x16 to 36x36.

Particles All

This work attempts to explore visually and poetically, what 
can only be understood, mathematically.
 After a career of photographing people, places and things, I rediscovered my interest in abstraction, as well as a delight in exploring the place where physics and eastern philosophy intersect. These images are not illustrations; rather they explore such statements as “It has been concluded that the visible universe represents only a small part of the universe. The rest is formed by an invisible substance called dark matter. It’s existence has been suggested by experimental evidence, yet it’s characteristics remain unknown.”
These images, particles or pearls tossed across the cosmos, wonderlands of theory, are an attempt to translate that theory into poetic imagery.
The work consists of archival pigment prints 51x35, and painted and worked aluminum with transparencies.

  • dual-nature-of-light.jpg

    Light posesses the qualities of both a particle and a wave, yet is considered neither. It is emitted and absorbed in the form of quanta or measurable units, but when these particles of light travel through space, they appear as vibrating electric and magnetic fields which show all the qualities of waves.
  • String Theory

    String Theory attempts to reconsile general relativity with quantum physics, resulting in the Theory of Everything
  • particlewave.jpg

    Subatomic matter changes when observed; It can be either a particle or a wve depending on how it is measured
  • Complementarity.jpg

    The theory thwt the particle and the wave are two complementary descriptions of the same reality, and both are to be applied within the limitations given by the uncertanty principle. It does away with the idea of a one to one correspondence between reality ans theory.
  • spin

    from the series "Particles All"Transparencies and paint on aluminum
  • Large Hadron Collider archival pigment print 22 x 17 jpg.jpg

    Worlds largest and highest-energy particle collider

13 Ways of Looking

In China I took eight photographs of goldfish swimming, swirling and swarming for food.  Recalling Wallace Stevens' "13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird", I combined those images 13 different ways to express 13 interior states.

Ten of the 13 images are shown.  Additional images available upon request.

Spain From the Train and Other Landscapes

This series began after I developed a  love of photographing through windows of moving vehicles. While unsuccessful at shooting from a car, I took these images  either from the window of an airplane, or from the window of a train.  A viewpoint  that reveals a narrative, a patterning of the land, and  the freedom of applied color.
. The photographs themselves are the sort of images I delight in finding.

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