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Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath screenshot
Bubble Bath is a web-based interactive sound art piece based on a suite of 20 audio loops created by Peals. Bubble Bath allows listeners to build their own ambient musical arrangements or listen to soundscapes randomly generated by the app.

Peals at the Fermata exhibition, Artisphere

Peals performing at Artisphere during the Fermata international sound art exhibition in July 2014.

Infinity Bridge

Infinity Bridge
Infinity Bridge: This collage — composed from vintage postcards found by the artists — is a visual accompaniment (and metaphor) for our album Honey.

Peals performing Time Is a Milk Bowl at the Bromo Seltzer Tower - April 2013.jpg

Peals performing Time Is a Milk Bowl w/ projections by Zoe Friedman inside the Bromo Seltzer Tower clock room.


About Peals

Baltimore City

Peals is a music project consisting of William Cashion (Future Islands) and Bruce Willen (Double Dagger). The duo crafts meditative and exploratory headphone panoramas, incorporating elements of ambient, folk, krautrock, punk, and experimental music. Peals’ live performances strive to create an intimate atmosphere, embracing art galleries, living rooms, and back porches. They have performed in a number of unconventional spaces, including the BMA's Spring House and a site-specific collaboration with... more

Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath is a web-based interactive sound art piece by Baltimore instrumental duo Peals (Bruce Willen and William Cashion) and artist Dina Kelberman.

Bubble Bath can be experienced here:

Based on a suite of 20 audio loops created by Peals, Bubble Bath allows listeners to build their own ambient musical arrangements or listen to soundscapes randomly generated by the app.

Using instruments as varied as walkie talkies, xylophones, guitars, synthesizers, bells, saxophones, and more, Peals recorded a diverse palette of textures and tones that can be used to generate endless versions of the piece. The interactive format makes each listener’s experience unique, as they select the sounds, volumes, loop combinations, and play times. Additional features let users play the piece for a specified length of time (for listening in bed while waiting to fall asleep) and auto-randomization, where the app itself creates dynamically changing compositions from practically endless combinations of the loops (roughly 2,432,902,008,176,640,000 + infinite volume variations).

The Bubble Bath app was created with new media artist Dina Kelberman, who programmed the app and designed the mesmerizing color shifting visuals as a meditative graphic complement to Peals’ audio.

Bubble Bath was originally conceived and recorded for the Fermata contemporary sound art exhibition at Artisphere in Arlington, VA, where it appeared as a 12-channel sound composition. Fermata was curated by Cynthia Connolly, Hays Holladay, and Ryan Holladay and featured new works by artists including Ryuichi Sakamoto, The Books, Jarboe, Richard Chartier, Annea Lockwood, and others.

  • Bubble Bath

    Demonstration of the Bubble Bath web app. Try it yourself here:


"Honey — Peals' second full length album — builds rapturous melodies of interlocking and looped guitars that channel kosmische musik, ‘70s Eno, and new wave hooks à la Robert Smith into above-the-clouds dreamscapes. Unexpected and delicate textures—wind, bells, the whirs of a film projector—situate listeners in the elemental immediacy of Peals performances, which take place in art galleries or open fields as often as traditional music venues.

Each of Honey’s nine tracks brim with emotional resonance. Album opener “Become Younger” lifts off with bright sine-waves of sound that gradually layer into an ethereal two-guitar orchestra. Stunner “Essential Attitudes” transmits prismatic sonic shadings over minimalist percussion (created by Willen on his guitar), joined by an exultant bass line from Cashion. The lush “Punk Migration” finds legend James Iha joining the group on sublime infusions of guitar, keyboard, bass, and voice. On closing cut “Koan 2,” plucked campfire refrains flutter and flirt before gradually receding, setting the listener back on the ground just as effortlessly as they took flight nine excursions earlier.

Recorded over a three-year span and mixed by Chester Endersby Gwazda (Dan Deacon, Future Islands), Peals’ sophomore album triumphantly refines and expands the sound palette they mapped out on their 2013 debut, Walking Field. A journey at once meditative, transportive, and eminently accessible, Honey is one of those special albums that creates an entire world—and then invites the listener to populate it with thoughts and dreams of their own."

— Eric Allen Hatch


  • Recorded between late 2013 and early 2016 in Bruce Willen's living room & Chester Endersby Gwazda's studio
  • Additional tracking at Dan Frome's studio and William Cashion’s home
  • Mixed by Chester Endersby Gwazda
  • James Iha plays electric and acoustic guitar, keyboard, bass, and contributes voice to “Punk Migration”
  • Andy Abelow plays saxophone on “Pink Cloud”
  • Phil Davis plays banjo and film loops on “New Year's Whale” (unlisted secret track)
  • Album cover is a monoprint by Willen’s late grandmother, Janice B. Willen, made in 1983.
  • Honey release formats: LP; CD; cassette; digital download; limited edition honey jar with submerged USB drive
  • LP version includes poster featuring a collage by Willen and Cashion.
  • 6 oz. honey jar by Oak Hill Honey with sealed, submerged USB drive containing album and bonus material. Limited and numbered edition of 75.


Peals occasionally performs with large-scale immersive video projections created by the artists. The meditative videos were all shot by the artists, occasionally manipulated or shown as-shot. We pair each video with a composition or improvisation that suits the visuals to create an immersive experience.

Watch clips of these videos full-screen while listening to tracks from Honey.

Time Is A Milk Bowl

We collaborated with multimedia artist Zoe Friedman on an installation and performance in the clock room of Baltimore's Bromo Seltzer Tower. We composed and performed a 30 minute score to accompany a video installation consisting of seven projections on all four walls of the Clock Room in the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower. The videos were played simultaneously on all four walls of the room. Our performance incorporated and responded to the mechanical sounds of the elevator and clock machinery.

We also recreated the piece at Pioneer Works in New York City and at Studio 1469 in Washington, DC.

Walking Field

"Peals' debut, Walking Field, is a meditative and exploratory headphone panorama of the highest order. From the first moment, they set aside the basses of their high-profile post-punk outfits for acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, tambourines, toy pianos, and other sonic tools in pursuit of a stripped-down, warm living-room atmosphere.

The music that sprang from these sessions, simultaneously exultant and cerebral, took the duo into unexpected territory. While the emotional intensity of their other projects is on full display here, its more gentle, melancholic and often abstract expression recalls Robin Guthrie and minimalist recordings from the sonic pioneers of the 1970s German scene - all direct inspirations for Peals as the songs that would become Walking Field took shape.

Walking Field’s home-recorded sessions followed an analog approach, welcoming the happy accidents and unplanned moments that bring their music’s most organic qualities to the fore. With no bass guitars or drums present on the album—all percussion sounds were generated by contact with guitars and microphones—the emphasis here is placed on texture and feeling.

Songs flow one into the next, talking to each other as they take the listener on an intuitive journey to destinations unknown. The chiming guitars of “Tiptoes in the Parlor” flirt with the layered melodies and heroic peaks of Dustin Wong, while tracks like “Believers” venture into a more challenging electronic headspace. Throughout, hidden corners are illuminated with the incorporation of field recordings, the crackle of walkie-talkies, and unexpected bursts of feedback. On tracks "Pendelles" and "Koan 1," the addition of cello from Kate Barutha (member of Adam Lempel and the Heartbeats and Soft Cat; guest on recordings by Future Islands, Small Sur, and Weekends) adds a complex dimension of modern classical to the album’s sonic palette.

Peals’ live performances strive to create an intimate atmosphere, embracing art galleries and back porches in smaller towns off the usual tour circuit. Their expressive and exhilarating debut record reflects this shift in sensibility. Walking Field is headphone music for summer afternoons and cold winter nights; a soundtrack for deserted beaches and wooded campfires; the feeling of a sunrise alone, or a sunset with a close circle of friends. This is Peals: something wholly new and unexpected from the ever-fertile Baltimore scene."

-- Thrill Jockey Records

1. Floating Leaf
2. Blue Elvis
3. Belle Air
4. Pendelles
5. Tiptoes in the Parlor
6. Lonestar
7. Believers
8. Koan 1

Night Train to Tucson/Believers II

7" single featuring 2 compositions, "Night Train to Tucson" & "Believers II." We recorded both songs at Bruce's house. The first 50 copies were printed on yellow vinyl.

Released May 2013 on Thrill Jockey Records.

Infinity Bridge

A series of digital collages made from vintage postcards collected by the artists. Meant to be viewed while listening to Peals' recordings.

  • Infinity Bridge

    Infinity Bridge
    Infinity Bridge: This collage — composed from vintage postcards found by the artists — is a visual accompaniment (and metaphor) for our album Honey.


Furniture is an interactive ambient composition composed of 16 audio loops controlled by the user.
Experience Furniture at:

  • Furniture

    Demonstration of Furniture in action. Try it yourself at

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