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Two Sides

#patriciao'maille #photography #Trees
Shadows trading places on the base of an old willow.


#landscape #atmospheric #patriciaomaille #photography
The last moments before the earth lifts the light from the trees.

IMG_3720 4.jpg

#patriciao'maille #photography #Trees
Birches grown up and around one another, their roots steadfast.

FullSizeRender 81.jpg

#patriciaomaille #photography
The leaves became cut-out clouds anchored but floating against the weathered screen. A tiny white moon, like a star, appeared out of nowhere.


About Patricia

Baltimore City

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I lost my husband to cancer several years ago and despite being a painter, I picked up a camera and set out to see what I could find in nature that made sense. I wanetd to knowhow the natural world breaks, heals, holds on in the face of danger and devastation. Singular/Plural became a theme becuse of the relationships i see not only in the natural world but in the human social world.

Through The Window

We look out at the world from every direction through glass windowpanes. Sometimes the elements are part of what we see...reflections, rain, ice, snow, steam, bended all makes our reality a little bit distorted. My work involves moving from vanatge point to vantage point, through fabric and the films of water, to find an intriguing thing I had not yet noticed.

Still Life Up Close

Still life found and made with my interest in light and shadow governing my choices.

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    #patriciao'maille #photography
    The reflection of a small vase with a single a cracked antique mirror my great grandmother once carried with her.
  • FullSizeRender 89.jpg

    #patriciao'maille #photography
    Floating leaf forms in black and green seem to float against the screen behind them.
  • IMG_1111 3.jpg

    #patriciaomaille #photography
    A study of an interior still-life and the chair turned to almost face the window.
  • FullSizeRender 91.jpg

    #patriciao'maille #photography
    A crystal vase in full sun...spikes of shadows spill on the linen beneath.
  • LRG_DSC02222.jpg

    #patriciao'maille #photography
    Found object of a fern looking like a feather...a study in contrasts.
  • FullSizeRender 93.jpg

    #patriciao'maille #photography
    Part of a series of the undersides of foliage...this one seen though a window, made a watercolor drawing.
  • FullSizeRender 94.jpg

    #patriciao'maille #photography #blackandwhitephotography
    The wind moving this flowering branch in white and black on a midsummers day.


I began to love winter for the graceful ways it sends light and shadows around forms and through so many atmospheric trials and tribubations. In many ways I see it as the most graceful season.

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