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My girl full mix 11.29.mp3

My Girl: 2020 smooth jazz. Music & lyrics: Pat Lakatta. Arranger: Don Wolcott. Live bass, drums, piano, guitar, sax


Temporary: 2020 Pat Lakatta Music and Lyrics. Synthesized Contemporary Pop.

It's All A Mystery to Me full mix 11.29.mp3

2020 Jazz Swing; Music & Lyrics Pat Lakatta... Live recording.


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Baltimore County

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Pat Lakatta is a classically-trained Baltimore COMPOSER-SONGWRITER-LYRICIST, whose award-winning career spans 30 years across multiple generations and  musical genres.   Pat's  music catalog is diverse. Her classical music portrays an emotional, sentimental and thoughtful understanding of music’s transformative power to move  individuals and audiences alike.  Her contemporary popular songs and lyrics are at the heart of truely understanding her audiences of all ages... more

Baltimore, Better Days and adult contemporary songs

My music catalog includes blues, ballads, classical,jazz, soft rock, pop,soul, children's music and musical theatre, with melodies and harmonies that are lush and soothing. My inspirations stem from experiencing the depth of everyday life to connecting with young children.

Strangers of the Heart, classical and crossover compositions

Provocative, passionate, and utterly stirring is how I personally feel about classical music. As a writer, this genre compels me to go deeper! Choosing the right instrumental voice to carry a piece is an ultimate challenge and quite an emotional experience. Sometimes I’ll compose classically-inspired music that might also be thought of as a crossover genre, bringing in elements of a second style of music that lifts classical music out of its traditional confines, appealing to many audiences.

Sunny Side Up - Songs for Kids of All Ages

Sunny Side Up is a witty collection of original songs written, composed, and performed by Pat Lakatta and others. She toured from Northern VA to Northern PA. Each song provides an atmosphere of fun and familiarity and encourages children to explore musical concepts. Pat's own insight as a mom has reinforced her belief of creating postive, motivational, and memorable musical experiences for children gives them the foundation for a life-long appreciation of music and the arts.

Everybody's Got a Place

When I first began to write songs for this special musical project, my wonderful sister Jane asked, “Why not make an album for children and adults from every nation? Create music for all kinds of people, no matter what their language or color of their skin, for fast learners and slow learners like me.” I was touched by Jane’s words and soon after, I followed my heart and wrote the album’s title song, Everybody’s Got a Place. This special song emphasizes likeness rather than differences, and it sets the tone for the entire album. From this one song, many others flowed. The result is an album, Everybody’s Got a Place, that piques the imagination and inspires interaction and creative opportunities for children. With music being the common language for all, this diverse collection of original songs for the entire family reinforces that every being, despite ability and regardless of race, color or creed has value. People of all ages, animals and nature’s wonders, all have a place and purpose on this earthly planet. The album’s energy and intergenerational appeal empower young listeners to really “experience” the music and rhythms; each colorful song respects their imaginations. Everybody’s Got a place also encourages parents and grandparents to reach into their own musical experiences and to share fun-filled family song-and-dance events.

Cool After School Music

Cool After School, an entrepreneurial after-school program for Baltimore City middle- school students, was funded by The Baltimore Community Foundation with support from Morgan State University, Goucher College, MD Institute College of Art and Sunny Side Up Workshop. Students were introduced to writing, acting, public speaking, graphic design, video and music production and creation of an original music score for Cool After School TV. Program mentors included Cal Ripkin, Rick Shelley, Kevin Clash and Karim Orange. Eight video programs (28 1/2 minutes each), complemented by a student-written magazine, helped to awaken youth and community interest in the arts, in music and in writing. The Cool After School Program produced a compilation music CD and eight video DVDs, which met program goals of elevating individual student pride of accomplishment, creating a showcase for neighborhood talent, and encouraging participants to be well- rounded citizens of their communities and the Greater Baltimore Community. The series aired on Baltimore City's Education Channel.

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