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Portraits from Havre de Grace • Pamela Wilde

Portraits From Havre De Grace, a twelve-month community fine art project by Pamale Wilde and was exhibited in March of 2019 at Artist Emporium Gallery and later at the World Trade Center , Baltimore. Spanning twelve months from conception to conclusion, the artist met over 100 local citizens, for live (Alla-Prima) portrait painting sessions at Artists Emporium Gallery in Havre De Grace.

Charlie: Portraits From Havre De Grace

Portraits from Havre De Grace
Charlie: Portraits from Havre De Grace • 12x12 • oil • created in a three hour live Alla Prima session as part on my year long community portrait project. Exhibition of 90 to over 100 paintings scheduled March 16 2019 at Artists Emporium 220 N. Washington Street Havre De Grace, MD

Time laspe Charlie PHDG-082

Time lapse of a three hour all prima portrait session with Charlie. Charlie volunteered to be one of 119 portraits for the Portraits from Havre de Grace community portrait project. Like most of the models Charlie was unaccustomed for sitting to be painted and as an artist I had to learn to adapt my technic to incorporate the “wiggle” factor of my models. In an effort to make it easier on my subjects I had installed a hands free device on the back of my french box easel.

Hanging Portraits From Havre de Grace

The exhibition of Portraits from Havre de Grace is the realization of a dream. This twelve month project had lived in my minds eye for over three years was now finally on the wall in early March of 2019. The logistics of hanging my project was upon me and with exact measurement, laser levels the nails where installed the frames where wired and the hang began. This was the first time I would see all my work hung. Before this I would see paintings a few at a time.


About Pamela

Harford County

Pamela Wilde's picture
Pamela Wilde received her first formal art training at the Chicago-based American Academy of Art in the early 1980’s and holds a degree in Advertising Design and Illustration. Her early career was spent in Tacoma, Washington where she worked forthe Tacoma News Tribune from 1984 to 1989. While employed at the Tacoma News Tribune she worked extensively in advertising design and editorial illustration. In the early 1990’s Pamela took a break from her professional aspirations to raise her family,... more

Portraits From Havre De Grace

Portraits from Havre De Grace is a twelve-month long, community based portrait project, created by artist Pamela Wilde. Beginning on January 26, 2018 and concluding on January 25, 2019 members of the community are invited to be painted in a live alla prima portrait session. It is anticipated that over 100 portraits will be included in the opening exhibition scheduled for March 16, 2019 at Artists Emporium 220 N Washington Street Havre De Grace, MD. 
In an effort to connect with community artist Pamela Wilde works publicly in the front window studio space at Artists Emporium offering the public the oppertunity to witness her process. It is the artists intent to not only create a likeness of her subjects but to also further inspire the community to their own creative potential. This project has created a conversation not only about art and process but also about the roll we all play in building a strong community. 
To add your face to this project please follow the link to sign up.

Time Lapse Portraits From Havre De Grace

These time-lapse videos are of the live alla-prima portrait sessions of Portraits From Havre De Grace. These sessions are 3 hours and children's sessions are shorter at 1.5 to 2 hours.

I documented nearly all of the 119 portrait sessions with a time-lapse video. I felt it was important to document these sessions for several reasons. 

I believe there is something to be learned from watching an artist process. It has taken me decades to get to a point that I feel I have something solid to share. But that being said process is always changing and to be an artist is to change and to grow. 

In comparing videos you can se subtle changes in my approach. There are days where I experiment sometimes successfully sometimes not. There can be no success without failure so never be afraid to fail, it's just part of the process. 

This twelve month long project of 12x12 alla-prima portraits forced me to focus on the same problems over and over but with a different model each time. There where so many challenges besides the obvious. 

Eat More Cake

"Eat more Cake" is the result of my love hate relationship with food. The creations of these works required a level of self disapline not ussually required. I worked alone in my studio with the sweet smell of confectionary deights tempting me from the start. 
Inspired by the works of  Wayne Thebaud, I explored the the visual playfulness of color, composition, pattern and the human emotion food can evoke. 


I have set forth in 2019 to create large figurative works in live model sessions. In this process I have the freedom to set the stage and explore themes using props and models. Inspired by the figurative works of great artists of the past, I am attempting to explore the figure in it's enviroment and trying to engage the viewer to create their own narative from what I have presented.

  • A Bar at the Folies de Grace

    Painted in a live modeling session in November of 2019 ”A Bar at the Folies de Grace" was inspired by the work of Édouard Manet’s, "A Bar at the Folies-Bergère". In my study and exploration of art I often times pull my ideas from the masters. In this instance I found Manet’s composition most interesting as he had his young model posed with arms open. A simple gesture but her facial expression was that of disconnect or even despair. Manet’s bar maid looked less than engaged as her customer interacted with her.
  • Call Waiting

    Figurative Call Waiting Pamela Wilde
    16x20 •oil on linen • 2018
  • Domme

    Domme • figurative • oil Pamela Wilde
    16x20 • oil on linen • sold
  • Waiting for You

    Waiting for You • Pamela Wilde
    Waiting For You • 12x16 • oil on linen • 2019
  • Reclining Figure #1

    Reclining Figure #1•Pamela Wilde
    Reclining Figure #1 • oil on linen • 30x40 • 2019
  • Red Scarf Memories

    Red Scarf Memories • oil • 30x40 • 2019
    Red Scarf Memories • oil • 30x40 • 2019
  • Thinking of You

    Thinking of You • 16x20 • oil on linen • 2019
    Thinking of You • 16x20 • oil on linen • 2019
  • Summer Text

    Summer Text • 12x16 • oil on linen • 2019
    Summer Text • 12x16 • oil on linen • 2019

En Plein Air

  • Destinations Beyond

    Destinations Beyond •
    Destinations Beyond • 16x30 • oil on linen • 2019 • HdG MD
  • Lirio Cameo

    Lirio Cameo • Pamela Wilde
    Lirio Cameo • 11x14 • oil on linen • 2019 • Liriodendron Mansion Bel Air, MD.
  • Haunted 311

    Haunted 311• Pamela Wilde
    Haunted 311 • 12x16 • oil on linen • 2019 • Nocturne
  • Vandiver Inn

    Vandiver Inn  • Pamela Wilde
    Vandiver Inn • 16x20 • oil on linen • 2017
  • Noble Window

    Noble Window • Pamela Wilde
    Noble Window • 11x14 • oil on linen • 2019
  • Ebb Tide

    Ebb Tide • Pamela Wilde
    Ebb Tide • 12x16 • oil on linen • 2019 I have begun to concider working non representationally. This plein air was a response direct observation of the tide waters over several hours. Berlin MD
  • One Brush John

    One Brush John • Pamela Wilde
    One Brush John • 11x14 • oil • 2019 This is a painting of my friend John Sauers. John is a wonderful painter, artist and friend. On this day we both set up to paint and he boasts to me that he has created is entire painting with just one brush as I fumble with my handful of dirty ones. One more reason I think John is a very wise man. “One Brush John"
  • Under the Jones Falls

    Under the Jones Falls • Pamela Wilde
    Under the Jones Falls • 11x14 • oil • 2017 • Baltimore
  • Fire House Yellow

    Fire House Yellow • Pamela Wilde
    Fire House Yellow • 8x10 • oil • 2017
  • Seneca Mansion

    Seneca Mansion • Pamela Wilde
    Seneca Mansion • 11x14 • oil on linen • 2016 • HdG, MD

Portraits 2014

In 2014 I spent a year painting portraits of friends and family. I has always been my ambition to be a portrait painter and I give myself challenges to improve my skills.
These paintings where all created from reference photos I took on my subjects. Working from photos I believe is more difficult than working from life but I also know that getting portrait commissions would entail me working from reference. This was my effort to find a way to work without the live sittings. It was an interesting experiment and I learned allot.

  • Howard

    Howard • Pamela Wilde
    Howard • 18x24 • oil • 2014
  • Lydia

    Lydia • Pamela Wilde
    Lydia • 18x24 • oil • 2014 • daughter of the artist
  • Dennis

    Dennis • Pamela Wilde
    Dennis • 18x28 • oil • 2014
  • Dan

    Dan • Pamela Wilde
    Dan • 18x24 • oil • 2014
  • Gabriella

    Gabriella • Pamela Wilde
    Gabriella • 18x24 • oil • 2014
  • Ranger Roach (Col.ret. Army)

    Ranger Roach • Pamela Wilde
    Ranger Roach • 18x24 • oil • 2014
  • Lisa

    Lisa • Pamela Wilde
    Lisa • 18x24 • oil • 2014
  • Melissa

    Melissa • Pamela Wilde
    Melissa • 18x24 øil • 2014
  • Scott

    Scott • Pamela Wilde
    Scott • 18x24 • oil • 2014
  • Self Portrait

    Self Portrait • Pamela Wilde
    Self Portrait • 18x24 • oil • 2014