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spirit sculpture-installation
"Traces of the Spirit"-installation at the Baltimore Museum of Art in the Spring House. It's a series of separate spirit sculptures representing family, seasons, pilgrimage and Haitian folklore. The center sculpture entitled "Saint for my City" was in response to perceived needs for spiritual affirmation in Baltimore. the round pedestals is filled with "mica" chips.

2.krono collateral.jpg

spirit sculpture
Kronos/Collateral - mixed media(beads, plastic, metal, wire.) 24"h x 9"sq.


spirit sculpture
lifeisbutadream- glass, plastic, beads, metal) 28"h x 7"wide


spirit sculpture
Spring-glass, wood,metal,beads, sequins, plastic


About Oletha

Howard County

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Oletha DeVane received her B.F.A. from the Maryland Institute College of Art and M.F.A. in painting from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.   As a multidisciplinary artist, her social, political and spiritual concerns are the content of her art practice.  Her first major exhibition was at the Springfield Museum of Art in Massachusetts in 1976. Since then, she has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions locally and internationally. The... more

Spirit Sculptures and Assemblages

I’m a multidisciplinary artist whose work addresses cultural history and stories. I search for ways to infuse the works with social identity and mythology through exploring ideas around the sacred, political and personal. The “spirit sculptures” emerged as a concept to harness blessings in response to intuitive, irrational or unconscious phenomena. Although each work is different, they are symbolically linked to nature and cultural mythologies.
I’ve always been interested in the idiosyncratic ways in which materials convey meaning whether through painting, video, mixed media, printmaking or collage.

Oletha DeVane

  • Epiphany

    spirit assemblage
    mixed media-56"x 42" (glass, beads, bones, clay, acrylic paint, wood)
  • Woman Who Married a Snake

    spirit sculpture
    Woman Who Married a Snake- (glass, metal, beads, plastics, mirrors)
  • erzulie

    spirit assemblage
    Erzulie- mixed media (clay, plastics, feathers, acrylic, glass mirrors, stones, beads) 54" h x 30"w
  • spirit erzulie

    spirit sculpture
    Spirit Erzulie- (glass, beads, image transfer, wire, porcelain, fabric) 26"h x 4"w
  • Mamawada (siren)

    spirit assemblage
    Mamiwada-(siren) mixed media assemblage ( rope, sequins, wood, stones, glass, mirrors, beads)
  • Gemini

    spirit sculpture
    Gemini-two face (assemblage: clay, hair, metal, sequin fabric, glass, bullet casings, beads)
  • Dumballa

    spirit assemblage
    Dumballa- assemblage (clay, glass, wood, beaded fabric, acrylic paint, resin, crystals, metal) 30”w x 54”h
  • Many Roads

    spirit sculpture
    Many Roads-(wood, clay, beads, glass, sequins) 7"h x 4"w
  • Sanctuary

    spirit assemblage
    Sanctuary-2017 assemblage (glass, metal, beads, mirrors, bullet casings, plastics, acrylic, wood) apple inside represents black bodies.
  • Subsumed by whiteness

    spirit assemblage
    Subsumed by whiteness-Assemblage: ( glass, paper, beads, crystals, bullet casings, beaded fabric, mica chips, plastic, sweet gum balls, wood) 30"x 55"

Prints and Assemblages

A series of prints and solar etchings of Harriet Tubman and assemblages responding to historical events and sexual harrassment

  • Minty

    solar print
    Minty-2017 solar etching of young Harriet Tubman in Sweet gum tree.
  • Oracle

    solar print
    Oracle-the raven symbolizes an oracle-intelligent, courageous and singular in its pursuit. I've used it often to represent Harriet Tubman. The print is a solar etching.
  • Sweetgum and Harriet

    solar etching
    Sweetgum and Harriet- 2017 solar etching -sweetgum tree/ balls reference Kate Clifford Larson’s book “Bound for the Promise Land”. Larson describes sweet gum balls as, “… large, round, balls covered with spiny, burrs. They litter the forest floor sometimes inches deep, nature’s bed of nails…” Those seedpods, once the medicine with aromatic therapeutic fragrance to the slaves;... would then, “pierce the calloused, unprotected feet of terrified runaway slaves. The seeds from the sweet gum tree would be among the first obstacles on the road to freedom.”
  • Starmap

    van dyke print
    Star map 22"x 30" from Harriet Tubman series. van dyke and burnt marks on rives paper
  • Drinking gourd

    cyanotype print
    Drinking Gourd-(from H.Tubman series) (cyanotype, wood, fabric, sequins, acrylic)
  • An American story

    solar etching
    An American Story-solar etching with found and archival images: the soldier is WW1, the woman circa 1860's and cotton pickers.
  • Henry "Box" Brown

    Henry "Box" Brown-installation (wood, oil paint, fabric, sweet gum balls, Confederate and American flag woven together mixed media) Henry "Box" Brown was a 19th-century slave in Virginia who escaped to freedom at the age of 33 by arranging to have himself mailed in a wooden crate in 1849 to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • LOVE

    spirit sculpture
    LOVE- sculpture assemblage- 2016 (clay, mirrors, beads, plaster angel, acrylic, metal) Dimension: (HxWxD) 41”h x 16”w x 7.5d
  • Weeping Isis

    spirit sculpture
    Weeping Isis-2016-( glass, beaded flowers, paper, wood)
  • Red Ridinghood

    Red Ridinghood-mixed media 2017 (fabric, xylene transfer on wood, acrylic, encaustic) 24"X30"

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