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Nathan Scott Bell, visionary instrumentalist, has made many travels abroad to other countries working and expanding the music with many other fellow musicians. Nathan employs banjo as a shapeshifting tool, using a bow, finger picks, and clawhammer/frailing style to seek out whatever sound that is calling. Nathan uses trumpet, bass, guitar and drums also in his striving to channel the vibrations which exist in the universe. - -"Music is the universal language, a pilgrimage that finds hope. and it is... more

"Colors" Compositions for banjo with the accompaniment of cello, violin, viola, bass and percussion.

Released on in 2010.
An album of melodic banjo arrangements with the accompanied with violin and viola by Liz Merideth, cello by Kate Porter and drum work by Peter Townsend.
Here is a well written review of this colorful album,,,

Upside Down World, Improvised pieces recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil with Rogerio Martins

From a six month journey thru Brazil recording improvisations with soulful musical minded Brazilians this album is a good representation of just how music is truly a universal language.
instrumental compositions by Nathan Bell and Rogerio Martins. Thomas Rohrer plays on tracks two and five. Recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil 2010 and mixed by Nathan Bell.

  • piece three

    multi layered tracks of banjo and saxophone ( Rogerio Martins)
  • piece three

    This was done with a tambourine, in a conversation of brazilian rhythm similarities with appalachian.
  • Track One

    The opening track to an improvisational album done in Sao Paulo Brazil 2010 by Nathan Bell, Rogerio Martins and Thomas Rorhor. Martins and Bell played multiple instruments on this piece.
  • Upside Down World

    An album of improvisations done in Sao Paulo, Brazil 2010 by Rogerio Martins, Nathan Bell and Thomas Rorhor.

SPACESHIP EARTH, Improvised recording session with McWatt members Seth Bennet and Sarah McWatt. Leeds, UK

Improvised pieces done in October of 2011 in Leeds, UK. - Sarah Mcwatt with accordion, Seth Bennett with double bass and Nathan Bell with banjo.

Badgers Moon, Improvised recordings with Black Octagon done in Bishops Castle, UK 2011

Another improvised piece recorded in Bishops Castle, UK. October 2011. David Hand with guitar, Liz Still with guitar and Nathan Bell with ukuele.

live BRASSA BELL, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brassa Bell is Luciano Valerio - bass, Rogerio Martins - percussion, Mauricio Takara - drums and Nathan Bell - banjo.

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