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S E E M E Ceramic, paint, gold leaf 2016

S H I N I N '

S H I N I N ' Ceramic, glitter, paint 2016


STILL GOLDEN Ceramic, glue, gold leaf, jewelry, chameleon pigment 2019

Untitled (Braided Shawdy)

UNTITLED (Braided Shawdy) Ceramic, Hand braided Synthetic Hair, bobby pins 2018


About Murjoni

Baltimore City - Highlandtown A&E District

As a black woman from Maryland, Murjoni Merriweather has found that the best way to create and talk about black culture is through art, especially claywork. As a student from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Murjoni creates sculpted beings that are based around real people and real experiences. Her work addresses and eliminate stereotypes through clay portraits and video work. With this, she enjoys going against the European standards of “beauty” that are placed upon people of color. (... more

Grillz Series

SEEME is the pioneer for the continuous Grillz series that normalizes grill culture and celebrates black expression. Entertainment has a huge influence on how people live in the world, what they think and what they say. Since the beginning of shows, plays, and newspapers there has been many stereotypes that form the perception of how people of color are seen. When slaves started to become freed the media wanted to portray black people as animals, that deserve to be tamed. This still continues today but it is not ass obvious. Instead of the outward black face, the media portrays black people as thugs, gangsters, drug addicts, etc. The negative vision is still there.

One specific stereotype I found was the idea of grillz. The misperception of grillz is that they are worn b those who are from "the hood", sell drugs, and do something displeasing to those who are more privileged. However grillz are simply just tooth jewelry ,like how earrings and necklaces exists as forms of jewelry. SEEME wants you to pay attention to his insides rather than his outward appearance. He is celebrating the jewelry in his teeth. He Is showing off his culture.

From there, I started creating works the were birth from the idea of SEEME and Grill culture. I wanted to change is definition of how we see grillz, and their stereotype. I wanted to make black figures (some inspired by real people) and the parraell between grillz and self acceptance by turning the stereotype into a celebration.

  • S E E M E

    S E E M E Ceramic, gold leaf 2016

    RIGHTEOUS P Ceramic, Paint, gold luster, jewelry 2019
  • J A Z Z E L L E

    J A Z Z E L L E Ceramic, gold luster, jewelry, eyelashes 2018
  • D E Z

    D E Z Ceramic, gold leaf, jewelry 2019
  • L A W R E N C E

    L A W R E N C E Ceramic, gold leaf, wire, jewelry 2019
  • S H A N

    S H A N Ceramic, gold luster 2018

Hair Series


  • S H I N I N

    S H I N I N Ceramic, Black Glitter, paint 2016
  • S H I N I N

    S H I N I N Ceramic, Black Glitter, paint 2016
  • S H I N I N

    S H I N I N Ceramic, Black Glitter, paint 2016
  • S H I N I N'

    S H I N I N' Music by Martin J Ballou Directed and shot by Murjoni Merriweather 2017

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