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Canoe Club

Canoe Club, 12x14 inches, Acrylic on Panel, Summer 2018

Living Room

Living Room, 12x12 inches, Acrylic on Panel, Summer 2018

Corfu Cocktails

Corfu Cocktails, 24x24 inches, Acrylic on Panel, Summer 2018

Estes Park

Estes Park, 10x10 inches, Acrylic on Panel, Summer 2018


About Mike

Baltimore County

I make pictures.

Tunnel Vision

Work from a series of 12 murals for a pedestrian tunnel under Duke Street in Alexandria, VA. The paintings are reproduced on textured vinyl mounted on a PVC substrate. The tunnel walls are brick with 12 insets where the murals are installed. The tunnel connects the bustling Carlyle Neighborhood with the King Street Metro Station. I hope I make the walk a little more pleasant.

Georgetown Texas Rotunda Mural

A recent commission for an 88 foot mural. It's a continuous image that is being installed in circular area in a new City Hall annex building in Georgetown Texas. lt's reproduced on vinyl. Creating a digital file with high enough resolution to print an 88 foot image is challenging. I made the final art with vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator). Vector graphics are great for a project this size. They're based on algorithms. The image will scale to any size with no loss of resolution or image quality. I'll never understand what an algorithm is and I'll probably never be one. But I like them.

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