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dog, portrait, graphite, multimedia,
it's my sister's dog when she was just a snuppy pup graphite on multimedia paper, standard letter size photo was taken with a warm light's really more white and black in real life


lp michelle ramsahoye
charcoal and chalk pastels on multimedia paper


acrylic pour michelle ramsahoye
silicone, dH2O, acrylic paint on canvas


air, silicone, acrylic, dH2O on canvas


About Michelle

Harford County

a sophomore student at harford community college. a biology and physics major who has always loved art. sometimes i try to combine science and art, since they are super related in practice. regardless, i try to keep up where i can. putting all your time in learning one thing can take away from other things.

old stuff and song art

these are older drawings i did when i stuck to just a sharpie and paper.
i didn't like using color then, and even now, i still feel a little shaky on the use of color.
i'd like to return to this style of art at some point though i've had my eyes opened in terms of color.

living art

these are snapshots from my experiment this semester

these little beings take about 5 days to grow, so they are art to me

p.s. they smell really bad

  • day 2

    tryptic soy broth, agar, dH2O, little beasties on polystyrene
  • crystal violet

    little floating beasties, crystal violet (0.1%) in ethanol on polystyrene
  • Serial Count

    pseudomonas fluorescens, p. fluorescens, michelle ramsahoye, ramsahoye, vibrations, cell counting, dilutions
    this is a compressed quality photo of one of about 40 plates of p. fluorescens. i don't have access to many assays commonly used to test for viability, i decided that i could use a quantitative but simple method to determine if there were noticeable differences in the amount of p. fluorescens that grows after treatment. i used different dilutions, though for the next trial if i am to continue, i know i have to further alter the dilution factor to get more countable results.

new stuff

newer work done this semester
certainly more color than i'm accustomed to, as well as use of the "canvas"

  • RamsahoyeLayeredDrawing.jpg

    layered drawing
  • IMG_20180924_213804.jpg

    geometric drawing based on calc III formulas
  • baby shower keepsake giraffe

    giraffe commission baby shower keepsake acrylic watered down sanded canvas
    this piece was commissioned by someone as a keepsake for a baby shower (guests will make the spots of the giraffe using their fingerprints in brown paint -- cute, right?) this was a sanded canvas with watered down acrylic paint since client wanted a softer look

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