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About Michelle Antoinette

Michelle Antoinette Nelson, also known as LOVE the poet, is a prominent poet/author on the national performance and literary art scenes, and in the field of creative writing education. She has appeared on CNN as a speaker at the Jena 6 rally in Washington, D.C., authored the book ?Black Marks on White Paper?, is the recipient of the 2011 Baker b-grant award, released multiple spoken word CDs, and has performed at the Smithsonian... more

Black Marks on White Paper

Michelle Antoinette Nelson is heralded as one of the most prolific poets of her generation. She audaciously transcends the boundaries of genre, race, gender, age, and sexuality with her work. Black Marks on White Paper seamlessly binds the readers' life experiences with hers as each page is turned. Divided into three distinct sections Michelle takes the reader on a journey through the lives and circumstances of others with heart racing narrative pieces; while ferociously attacking her personal demons, and fearlessly revealing her own struggle with provocative and moving confessional poems. Black Marks on White Paper is not just about the words you see but the words you don't, the erasures, revisions, and conversations; the past, the present, and the future; the Griot, the Woman, and the Warrior.

  • Black Marks on White Paper book trailer

    the nothing" is the introduction to my new book 'Black Marks on White Paper' and "Faithfulness" is one of the poems in the book. This body of work is full of real life, the lives of others and my own, and sometimes those lines blur somewhere in between. This video piece is about some of the issues women like me, artists like me, and people who aren't like me at all but still struggle with vice, pain, and blessings all at the same time have to come to grips with, acknowledge, and decide what to do next.
  • Black Marks on White Paper book layout

    Cover art and design by Phylicia Ghee
  • Vices

    I conceptualized this photograph (taken by: Tya Anthony) 'Vices' highlights the difficulties an artist faces while trying to create and how creation can be a form of self medication. This picture serves as a visual for many pieces in 'Black Marks on White Paper'
  • Beautifully Bound

    This piece is an interpretive piece inspired by a visual art piece called 'Deer Head Sconce' An excerpt from the 217 page poetic memoir 'Black Marks on White Paper'
    PDF icon Beautifully Bound
  • Communication

    This is a piece that examines the complexities of being an traveling artist and our ability to maintain healthy relationships. An excerpt from the 217 page poetic memoir 'Black Marks on White Paper'
    PDF icon Communication
  • Call Me David

    This piece is an interpretive poem based on the tremendous effect James Baldwin's 'Giovanni's Room' had on my perception of my own personal experiences. An excerpt from the 217 page poetic memoir 'Black Marks on White Paper'
    PDF icon Call Me David
  • Judgment

    Judgment is a poem that addresses the false ideals and impetuous judgments people place at the feet of the LGBTQ community members. An excerpt from the 217 page poetic memoir 'Black Marks on White Paper'
    PDF icon Judgment
  • Self Sacrifice

    The same people who love you... may turn on you later. An excerpt from the 217 page poetic memoir 'Black Marks on White Paper'
    PDF icon Self Sacrifice
  • Strange Fruit 2006

    "Strange Fruit" was a poem written by Abel Meeropol... later sung by Billie Holiday and the rest is history. 'Strange Fruit 2006' is a new perspective on an on old problem. An excerpt from the 217 page poetic memoir 'Black Marks on White Paper'
    PDF icon Strange Fruit 2006
  • Fine print

    This piece is one of the poems in the 'Relationship Suite' section of the book. An excerpt from the 217 page poetic memoir 'Black Marks on White Paper'
    PDF icon Fine print

BE FREE Fridays monthly poetry open mic

BE FREE Fridays, established by Michelle â??LOVE the poetâ?? Nelson in March of 2006, is the liveliest poetry open mic in Baltimore! The winner of Poetry for the People and Baltimore Scene awards for Best Poetry Venue in 2009 and 2010 respectively, BE FREE Fridays is a completely interactive experience. The last Friday of each and every month audience members, performers, and vendors all come together to create one absolutely unforgettable show! Housed on the 4th floor of the Eubie Blake National Jazz and Cultural Arts Center the atmosphere is just right for a full uninhibited night of poetry and other performance art forms. So we welcome poets, artists, and people of all kinds to join us as we celebrate art, unwind with Served Chilled (our mobile bar service), DJ VickZen on the 1s and 2s, and BE FREE with your host Michelle â??LOVE the poetâ?? Nelson.

  • BE FREE Fridays monthly poetry open mic

    A night to rememberâ?¦is the only thing I can say about the tremendous feeling of joy and love that I felt at BE FREE Fridays: Black Marks on White Paper book release. It was my book release at my show but none of it was for me. It never is. BE FREE Fridays is for the people and the people make sure it happens successfully every month. What I mean by successful is one person leaves that building, the Eubie Blake Center, filledâ?¦over joyedâ?¦and in the best case scenerioâ?¦changed.
  • 1st BE FREE Flyer March 2006

    The original name for BE FREE Fridays was 'Spoken Serenity...BE FREE Fridays' and myself along with Tea-ology (now Teavolve) provided peace through poetry and a spot of tea;) Designed by: Chris
  • BE FREE Flyer 2007

    I began this show in 2006... it was just a baby but boy did we have fun in our infantile state! Designed by: Chris
  • Be Free Flyer 2008

    BE FREE moved to Peace and A Cup of Joe in 2008 still going strong and providing peace, open mic poetry, and a Cup of Joe Designed by: Liz Wilson
  • BE FREE Flyer 2009

    After 4 years the show has continuously grown leaps and bounds. The people love it and support it and use it as a platform for their own personal growth. Now we are in the Eubie Blake Center and over 100 people arrive every month. It is my pleasure to serve the community in this way... this is life. Designed by: Joi Carter
  • BE FREE Flyer 2010

    The Great Eastern Sun is used now in the BE FREE logo so we as artists and patrons can feel what it is to actually be free and live a rising sun life style instead of a setting sun lifestyle. The awakening is in the appreciation of life and the freedoms that come with actually living. BE FREE! Designed by: Phylicia Ghee
  • Monica McIntyre (Cellist)

    Cellist, Poet, Singer Photo by: Phylicia Ghee
  • Rodney Grissett performs

    Rodney is a poet and a man living with HIV... he is an inspiration to us all and continues to live and grow despite tremendous odds and obstacles. Photo by: Phylicia Ghee
  • Axiom performs

    Jamaal 'Black Root' Collier and Rahsaan 'Wordslave' Eldridge show the audience how to respond to their crowd participation piece... these gentlemen are extremely engaging and they perform everything from poetry, to rap, to song... seamlessly. Photo by: Phylicia Ghee
  • Sticky Mulligan performs

    Although BE FREE is primarily a poetry venue every now and then we have amazing performers like Sticky come through and wow us with unique instruments like his banjo! Photo by: Phylicia Ghee

LIVE LYRICS! Poetry Class for Adults

Let Your Voices Be Heard

The Live Lyrics! program created in 2006 and facilitated by Michelle â??LOVE the poetâ? Nelson is designed to teach creative writing/performance poetry skills and how they can be successfully utilized at school, home, and work. The overall goal of this class is to empower adults of all different abilities, and cultural backgrounds to find, develop, present, and apply their voices as producers of social change.

Passion Fruit Tea

Passion Fruit Tea is a narrative poem that has received national exposure via the internet, radio, and on stages across the country. We have recently adapted it for a short film entitled 'Passion Fruit Tea' (I co- produced this film) currently the trailer is available for view. This piece discusses the taboo subject of a husband who is in denial about his sexuality and is, therefore, unable to communicate to his wife that he enjoys sleeping with men.

  • Passion Fruit Tea LIVE on stage

    Passion Fruit Tea is a narrative poem that has received national exposure via the internet, radio, and on stages across the country. Michelle Antoinette aka LOVE the poet brings this original piece live, from the page to the stage, as a poetic monologue in New York City's Player's Theater

Gemini Moon

Gemini Moon, a Kickstarter funded cd project, is Michelle Antoinette Nelson aka LOVE the poet?s fourth major cd project which tells the story of love gained and love lost. It is an extremely honest and candid look inside the mind of a conflicted artist; and a cinematic musical experience that highlights the dysfunctional nature of relationships, namely the one we have with ourselves, produced by Kariz Marcel.

*LOVE the poet successfully promoted and raised $3,000 to fund this cd project through

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