Work samples

  • Story of IDA: It’s Possible to End Poverty
    Public Art Piece for the World Bank that was created in Baltimore
  • MadonnariMural01.JPG
    Madonnari Mural in Baltimore. Collection of images painted into a mural about history of chalk drawing.
    Michael Kirby on Letterman Show
  • Street Painting the Book of Omens
    Michael Kirby at Smithsonian

About Michael

Baltimore City - Highlandtown A&E District
Mr. Michael William Kirby is a leading public artist and street painter from Baltimore, MD, USA. He has nearly 20 years of experience creating permanent and temporary public art pieces around the world and today is considered a leader in this rising art form.
Mr. Kirby's personal technique of using sharp angles and adjusting the image to the viewer?s point of view was adapted from his time while creating sets and props for Opera companies and Movie/TV sets in Italy. Mr. Kirby was one of… more

Annapolis Gazette Shooting Victims

In 2018 after a few days of the Shooting at the Annapolis Gazette, I was insipred to create a series of chalk drawings in the middle of Baltimore. I did this because I thought this was the write thing to do. There is an article in the Baltimore Sun that is able to sum this up better than I can in words. I draw and paint, that is what I do so I went and draw portraits of the victims in efffort to create change.
  • IMG_1445.JPG
    Gerald Fischman
  • IMG_1446.JPG
    Rob Hiaasen
  • IMG_1466.JPG
    Rebecca Smith
  • IMG_1480.JPG
    Wendi Winters
  • IMG_1489.JPG
    John McNamara
  • IMG_1476.JPG
  • image1.jpeg

La Catrina

A public art piece using pastels and Tempora paint on Pavement with a Mexican Folkloric Dance group.
  • La Catrina
    An interactive street painting that incorporates Dance and Music.
  • El Equipo.jpg
  • Catrina 3.jpg
  • Catrina 5.jpg

Bonaparte Patterson

A public Mural in the heart of Baltimore about the lost love of the Belle from Baltimore.


Street Painting
  • surreal-and-mike.jpg

Pocahontas Life and Legend

Created for the 400 Anniversary Celebration in Virginia, this is a mural about Pocahontas located at her birth place.

Love Story

A Story that I wrote about a puppet Cowboy that falls in love with a Gymnast and I later created a mural about it.


First Mural every painted on a railroad bridge
  • highnwide
  • manusingbluetoextractyellowfromgreen
  • motercyclemanblue

Takoma Underground

A mural created in 2018 in Takoma Park, MD about the fantasy world that is below the town of Takoma Park where children go to play.

Madonnari Mural

Madonnari Mural located in Little Italy, Baltimore. In 2014, Michael Kirby started the first Madonnari Chalk Art Festival in Baltimore, it has become one of the largest art festivals in Maryland. He lead over 50 artists in creating chalk drawings over 3 days in Little Italy every year. In 2020, Mr. Kirby created a mural dedicated to Motherhood that is located on the exterior of the Madonnari Gallery. The Mural depicts images that Mr. Kirby used to win competitions in Italy to win the title of Master Madonnaro.
  • MadonnariMural01.jpg
    Madonnari Mural
  • MadonnariMural04.jpg
    Madonnari Mural
  • MadonnariMural05.jpg
    Madonnari Mural
  • MadonnariMural06.jpg
    Madonnari Mural
  • MadonnariMural07.jpg
    Madonnari Mural
  • MadonnariMural08.jpg
    Madonnari Mural

Doll House

Biggest Mural in Baltimore and Maryland

  • Doll House
    Mural about corruption in the arts in Baltimore