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Fraternity Bros in the Year 3000:
Fraternity Bros in the Year 3000 is a silly title, but it is not a silly book. It is humorous, yes, and satirical, but there is reasoning behind it all. While I am a literary author, I enjoy reading casual beach books. I like silly adventure and I don't think they should be devoid of literary merit. Fraternity Bros melds pulp with well-written prose, hidden within the adventures of boy-children. The novel explores themes of loss and loneliness, delayed growth and homesickness, insecurity and toxic masculinity, all within a space opera romp through an imagined future. It's fun and it's well-written.

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Pop Culture Poem Collection:
I've never understood why we don't write about pop culture outside of works of nonfiction. We love pop culture, we consume it every day. Is it not worth writing poems or stories about? These series of poems--which I am still writing--feature my favorite pop culture artifacts, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to the works of Taye Diggs. They are funny, but they also explore why I feel the way I do about them. They've been published in a variety of places, including Hobart and Barrelhouse and Queen Mob's Teahouse, among others.

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Retrogamer: A Video Game Autobiography:
For 3 years, I wrote a monthly video game column for Cartridge Lit. Video games have been a part of the cultural gestalt for 30 years, yet criticism, from a literary/cultural angle, has been limited. I wrote about video games from my own perspective, writing personal essays through the lens of gaming. I consider it my Autobiography and it delves into my own loves and losses, mental health and self-improvement and a variety of other themes. It's experimental and quite good.

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Michael B. Tager is a Baltimore-based writer, editor and publisher. He is the Managing Editor of Mason Jar Press, an independent publisher of novels, books of poetry and memoirs, the Books Reviews Editor of Atticus Review and the former Managing Editor and co-founder of Writers and Words, a Baltimore reading series. His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Hobart, Barrelhouse, Electric Literature, the Collagist and elsewhere. He is currently shopping around his novel.

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Mason Jar Press, a local, Baltimore based independent press, has been publishing handmade, limited-run chapbooks and full-length books since 2014. The Press is dedicated to finding new and exciting work by writers that push the bounds of literary norms. While the work Mason Jar seeks to publish is meant to challenge status quos, both literary and culturally, it must also have significant merit in both those realms.

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