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Michael Scott-Nelson is an eclectic composer, multi-instrumentalist, and multimedia artist. His love of technology leads him to employ electroacoustic techniques in much of his music. He speaks out against the autocratic idea of the auteur, believing that compelling art is defined by everyone involved in its realization, including its audience. Therefore, he often attempts to highlight the voice of his audience by setting up interactive frameworks for them to freely explore that are suggestive... more

Revolutions of Earth and Moon

a web audio experiment in which the third movement of my symphonic poem, "Earthrise / Moonrise," a piece completed in April of the same year, is smeared to create a kind of harmonic impression of the original.

Recalling You

an interactive generative art portrait. Built on the web to run on any JavaScript enabled device, this app pulls randomized imagery of my wife, Laine, and allows the user to 'paint' with that image in an impressionistic way while accompanied by generative music that only plays while the mouse moves. It was created for Laine's birthday during her 3-month long trip away in Kenya.

Meditation No.4: Reflections

The Meditations electroacoustic series highlights the musical voice of the performer within an interactive constraining structure. They are intended both for performance and personal use. This particular meditation provides an optional lead sheet and a computer program that plays along with the performer by sampling material live and playing it back transposed. The resultant harmonies and rhythms are tightly controlled to create a wave of consonance articulated by gentle dissonances.

  • Meditation No.4: Reflections

    Part of an ongoing series of meditative musical spaces by Michael Scott-Nelson designed for performance or personal enjoyment. Download the Reflections program to try it for yourself here: More music and computer applications for making music at Credits: Madelyn Moore, clarinet Patrick Timmis, percussion Von Hansen, percussion Luke Dull, percussion Michael Scott-Nelson, electroacoustics
  • Reflections

    The app icon for Meditation No 4: Reflections. Is it an audio wave or is it a tree-lined lake? You decide.

Earthrise / Moonrise

"Earthrise / Moonrise" is a symphonic poem in three movements that explores the relationship of two celestial bodies in a fusion of Neo-Romantic and Minimalist styles. Current scientific thinking is that our moon was once a part of Earth's crust, and that it "broke off" when the Earth was struck by a large object. This poem explores the creation story that an outside force tore out a 'rib' from the "adama," the Hebrew name for earth and mud, to create for it a partner in the celestial dance.

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