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Shadows and Reflections.jpg

encaustic, Baltimore, print transfer, artwork
Encaustic print transfer, 18 x 24 This was meant as a self portrait in fragments, using photos of reflections and shadows.


art, encaustic, Baltimore
Bruised Ego Encaustic photo transfer on panels, 18 x 18 Photographs from television colorized and re-arranged to make a new story


encaustic, baltimore encaustic print transfer fish
Fishbowl Encaustic 8 x 10, photo transfers with embedded papers and shell

2 starlings.jpg

collage, starlings, baltimore
Two Starlings in a Rainstorm 16 x 24 Collage


About Michael


Several years ago, I found an old photograph of four Starlings in a Funk and Wagnell's Nature Encyclopedia. I was intrigued by it, though I am not sure why. I have made many encaustic prints from the photo since then, and have felt each time that the subject might be exhausted. So far, that has not been the case.


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