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About Mia

Baltimore City

Mia Halton evokes the complexity of domestic life in paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures. Her works are dense with images of figures making their way through heavily layered surfaces. Halton integrates images and materials to create works that reflect the energy and emotions of human interactions. Halton  grew up in a family of artists, including her maternal grandparents and her mother. She remembers her early art making as both a refuge and a way to make sense of the emotional vagaries... more

Works on Canvas

My works on canvas are essentially large-scale drawings. I enjoy the opportunity the size gives me to visually describe larger environments.


Printmaking makes me slow down and carefully consider each step of the process.

  • Generations

    2013, silkscreen on paper, 18x18"
  • Punt

    2008, lithography on vellum, 23x38"
  • Territory

    2008, solar plate intaglio on paper, 16x16"
  • Everyone Wore Khaki

    2008, solar plate intaglio on paper, 16x16"
  • Can't Touch That

    2012, Monoprint on Paper, 16"x 16"
  • Ohoohno

    2015, Solar Plate Etching and Monoprint, 15"x12 3/4"
  • Say It Isn't So

    2016, 8"x10", Hand Ink Drawing, Silkscreen, Solar Plate Etching, Rives BFK paper
  • YO

    2016, Solarplate Etching and Silkscreen on BFK paper, 10”x9”
  • Which Way Did They Go?

    2016, 16"x16", Hand Ink Drawing, Silkscreen, Solar Plate Etching, Rives BFK paper

Social Media Photos

These are generally quick ideas that I post on Facebook and Instagram. Some of them inspire larger ideas, most of them are accompanied by a blog statement.

Ceramic Vessels

Drawing is my “thing”. I see the vessels as two dimensions in-the-round.

Bullies and Pushovers

After personal experience with bullying and being an avid observer of our world, I can’t stop seeing and thinking about bullying.


Drawing is like breathing for me. It’s how I work out ideas and begin to make sense of the world.

Off-The-Wall Drawings

Some drawings just need to be released from the confines of the wall.

Faces and Figures

It’s all about relationships for me. I’m visually attempting to describe the vagaries and challenges of being human.

Bullying Related Work on Paper

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